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  1. Yes it is really better to withdraw every profit currently obtained from an investment because it continues to decline rather than increase.
  2. Now crypto is growing rapidly. Many countries are starting to think about this problem especially in the financial sector. Do you think that the progress of crypto is currently developing and will move forward or even reverse?
  3. You are looking for a low-cost exchange, I think yobit is one of them if you look carefully and are smart in choosing to trade and trade in an exchange.
  4. It doesn't feel bad. But for me it's normal to be harmless. It's dangerous if you invest in coins that no longer attract public attention or guess the guesswork to invest.
  5. Yes everyone also knows that. A small mistake can be fatal but make mistakes who wants? I said no one wants to be sure. Yes, hopefully we can reduce our mistakes at least. Cheers
  6. Actually not recommended mining using a laptop. But to be a cpu from overheat is to always use minus 1 of the tread of each processor that will be used to mine. And if you are still really terys use this laptop to mine you should provide good air circulation and if you can buy additional fans for a laptop.
  7. Hopefully this is not stale and become a lot of topics because many actually ask this problem too. If I prefer Nvidia at this time because the power consumption of Nvidia video cards is smaller than AMD and the foulness is smaller for video cards from Nvidia.
  8. SUGI5091

    Mining as Hobby

    If you say about the big costs about hobbies, it's not just mining that costs a lot. Many other hobbies that are more beyond our reasoning can be said beyond reason. Why do you ask? There are hobbies that are not profitable but many people do. Mining being made hiby there are still results that are better, which one do you think? So again I ask you?
  9. Give a good answer and according to the author's topic that makes it clear and easy to understand. Pleases people who make posts and who certainly don't run away from the issues being discussed. Maybe that's what I think.
  10. The event for the Airdrop coin is the end which makes the coin fall to a worthless value. And that is a frequent occurrence on token coins like this, one of which is Air.
  11. What will happen is that my hopes will only remember what happened in 2016. I hope that event will really happen again in the future. So my hope after alving is another big increase for Bitcoin.
  12. Yup That's the greatness of bitcoin for me because of its bubble. Otherwise bitcoin will be considered normal. Because of that phenomenon, Bitcoin is trying to have it a lot. Because of the possibility of the benefits of this bloating phenomenon can be large.
  13. Yes indeed. If we are angry in trading, what we will face is that loss will appear in plain sight.
  14. This is a good idea and can also be applied. It is likely that there will be a market that will open options like this. Both become the most crowded assets in the market later.
  15. As long as I'm here from the reward I get, I've cashed some. Believe not believe it for the needs of my life when my salary has run out prematurely. So this forum really helped me now.
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