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  1. Well, China will use bitcoin, but it needs more review in the analysis of the crypto world. I think China will adopt it because it sees developed countries have adopted crypto.
  2. Well, all coin control is different from each other's view then all of that will be achieved wholeness of value I think so, greetings to the population of crypto fighters.
  3. Well many predictions say so that bitcoin will explode at the end of 2020, hopefully it's true and we will benefit from it. best regards.
  4. In my country there are no definite rules about crypto, everyone can play but if something unexpected happens they are not responsible. each player's responsibility.
  5. There are so many levels of trading investment in yobit that everyone believes and believes that yobit is the best place for trading. Greetings to users of Yahoo.
  6. Yeah right by investing in the top 10 coins in the market I think you can get a profit, my advice is do not invest using low volume coins in the market.
  7. Well this forum benefits beginners in the crypto world, info about the crypto world is always new here so that beginners can learn and gain experience for seniors in the crypto world.
  8. Well it will be more practical and easier with crypto shops to be a safe and easy transaction and then sensitive to the latest technological innovations.
  9. Well one way to turn off bitcoin is to turn off the internet network worldwide then to turn off the electricity in the world that is true, but would that be possible the question?
  10. Well, the blockchain is very widely used by the financial system in the country that adopts it, besides being safe, it is also fast transposing financial data of a country.
  11. Well if we are considered useful by this forum then we will get rewards from cryptotalk, so make a useful topic so that we can exist in the world of crypto.
  12. Well Hong Kong is a country in Asia that is active in conducting crypto transactions, if you invest there in crypto I think I get a lot of benefits. best wishes, we are always lucky.
  13. Yes, everyone who understands the world of crypto definitely needs bitcoin and other currencies as assets of the future, because in developed countries crypto is legal, so if other countries are left behind, it means that they do not accept this new and easy innovation with security that is watched by everyone.
  14. I think in the country the crypto adopters will increase the good news for the crypto world because crypto requires a powerful spread for this existence to become a future coin of future assets.
  15. Yesterday bitcoin was priced at 7500 dollars when I sold it and now it's rising or increasing and growing up to 8000 dollars. It's really amazing that I should have held it yesterday. thank you for your information.
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