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  1. I heard a buzz from social media grub who had talked a lot about this application and I immediately tried it. If you want a higher speed in mining you have to recruit a team or find friends so that the speed increases. Thank you for your information, a little extra from me 😊
  2. What you say is true that not all predictions are correct but returning to the nature of predictions states that an uncertainty can be true or not depends on the basis of the concept of what they use in a prediction so as not to far mistake in guessing in the future.
  3. Your views are right about a number of things, but some are too ambitious in the world of cryptocurrency and they fail to invest, they cannot return their fiat capital, eventually they are stressed until someone commits suicide from the history of Bitcoin if you want to know. Seek naturally so that you do not go too deep without a good analysis basis in the world of crypto.
  4. This seems to be very helpful in a world of a pandemic from the Covid-19 virus, where in my country many employees were fired due to the economic downturn of their respective companies. This is very helpful in times like now. This is my opinion, thank you.
  5. You can do it with the search box, try your title does not have certain symbols to be clear and easy to find. Hopefully useful friends.
  6. For some of my friends there who believe there are those who don't believe everything is our way of delivering a world of cryptocurrency. I saw some basic proof of payment or the results of my sale to my friends from exchange to withdrawal to the bank and finally they trusted me. Hope this helps you to make your friends believe.
  7. My family in part and my closest friends trade in the crypto world, initially they did not believe that but had felt their results as broken by a refutation argument from that stupid theory.
  8. If you use the CPU wisely and painstakingly, the results you get in the crypto world will be very satisfying too. Congratulations crypto warriors.
  9. The fact is now very visible the price today can reach $ 10,000 is very extraordinary your prediction on that day is true friends.
  10. I think with the XRP position for the third position in all of Altcoin it will make it grow and be in great demand by investors and small traders meaning that there is a high price point later in the year 2020.
  11. During this time I trade in the crypto world only mentally is less stable and makes me impromptu in selling it so that a small profit is obtained.
  12. Is it true that it is the last generation of faucethub, very concerned because many beginners who want to know crypto start from the faucet.
  13. They do not distinguish between market estimates and analysis, this is very concerned because this is a reference to race in trading a reference that is very close to being used as a trading benchmark. All depends on the actual algorithm.
  14. Browser is absolutely right to give us an award in the form of tokens that can be obtained from us skating on the internet using a brave browser. You can get it by downloading on PlayStore.
  15. When S20 from Samsung products is lowered, there will be very many enthusiasts who live in the cryptocurrency world to buy it because the blockchain wallet features offered are extraordinary.
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