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  1. The facts are after the haliving the price of bitcoin tend to rise, which i have no idea how and most people as well. But another fact is after the halving the miner cost will rise up to 6000+ USD. Let's discuss how this price will rise so as to confirm our self that it is not risk to hold after the haliving. Because if the price does not rise, miners will quit.
  2. As obvious as it is, when Bitcoin falls under miners cost mining will be unprofitable and thus people will stop mining, forexample in sounth korea the miners cost is 26k US Dolar, so i doubt anyone is mining there but the average is around 3500 to 40000 in most countries. Fig: enlarge the image to see full list of miner's cost. So who/what guarantees that Bitcoin never falls under miner's cost is what i want us to discuss here. Welcome all.
  3. Man, I'm just saying but iF there were enough mods for just reading topics and replies then catch off topics and spams there will completely be no spammers here, we juts lack enough man power. there are a lot of completely off topics replies makes completely no sense.
  4. Will i ever be able to change my username, maybe when i get a higher rank or a special request for it? Please I need answer from the admin or moderators. All users can share their thoughts about this.
  5. People have been assuming many reasons behind the bitcoin has including they leave no opportunities for the government to get the tax form these Bitcoin payments. Well here is a big reason: While government prints money, we use that money to by Bitcoin use bitcoin worldwide mosting not return to the home country. That's how national currency get wasted, and it is a threat to the economy of the country. Tell us your thoughts.
  6. The pay per post has been a blessing to many, and so I bless back (God bless from this offer i believe many people will merge rich investors and traders. In this forum if you pay attention you could learn many things that could help you to know exactly what to do with your money for greater success, I have. So in few years I believe almost 60% of this forum users will be rich traders and investors in cryptocurrency. Tell me now what are you doing with the coins you earn here?
  7. I love Bitcoin i'm not a trader professionally, i do few trades sometimes but I like to hold. Everytime I buy coin its btc and down here are the reason why; Obsession with Satoshi Nakamoto and His Bitcoin. Too much faith on the coin The most anonymous I can say, and now that Satoshi has disappeared on us, well bitcoin mystery will never be solved. So the bigger person that carries all those above is, I love mysterious things.
  8. As i'm speaking bitcoin is on a bull run, it's better you buy fast before you regret later, Just a few mnutes ago bitcolin was at $ 9,009 but 30 minues later back to 344.90, I say it's gonna hit 10k again maybe by tommorow.
  9. I recently heard that Bitcoin mines cost is 3400 and that The price of bitcoin can not fall below 3400 What i need to know is; is this true, if so then what is miner cost. and how is that, that becoin can not fall below that?
  10. You guys call this a bull run, but i call this a panic. A China president word, a single word changed the fate of Bitcoin, Do you believe this? The might Bitcoin panicked over a single word so i say this is not a bull run but a panic.
  11. Now that BTC has given us our money we lost a week ago, i think it's time to sell and lay lo for a while. It's better to pick up small profit than risking a bigger loss. What you guys say?
  12. I think should by a board here so they get to help their customers through this forum. This suggestion is for Cryptotal as well you should sell boards for business that could pay monthly or wherever you plan. I hope is is taken into account.
  13. Which one is the best between these two, for me i prefer and that's because it's the one i have been using, i used only once a very long time ago. Share your review.
  14. I figured i should share some Cryptocurrency world slangs! that you guys should be using in your discussion. here you go (source:; HODL The most popular cryptocurrency slang (Hodl your bitcoins) is used to refer to a situation wherein the investors hold on to their investments even when the bitcoin price falls off. The term was first coined on in 2013. It was basically a typo for hold. However, the typo could not be corrected and it goes viral all over the community. Goxxed. This particular slang refers to a situation where the cryptocurrency user is experiencing some technical issues with the Bitcoin network. The most famous cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox is considered to be very difficult and complicated for the users to understand hence the term Goxxed was coined. #Rekt In the online gaming industry when one needs to represent that they are completely destroyed or ruined they use this slang. basically, it can be considered similar to wrecked. The term was used in the crypto space for the first time e in a Bitcoin forum when a user referred to a Bitcoin crash. Shill A shill is referred to a user who is paid to advertise or market a specific product on a number of TrollBoxes. A TrollBox is simply a chat box which is embedded into a number of cryptocurrency exchanges to have conversations. It can also refer to a person who posts informative Bitcoin Threads on various Bitcoin forums. Whale The term wale or bitcoin whales refers to investors with a huge amount of investments in the cryptocurrency space. Any transactions made by these investors will fluctuate the whole market price for that particular cryptocurrency by a large margin hence the term whale. The word is specifically originated from casinos. Bear This slang refers to a person who believes that the Bitcoin price is going to fall down or will be experiencing a bearish trend. This is easily relatable to the Wall Street market. Bear Market. This slang refers to a situation where the Bitcoin market is experiencing continuous downfalls for a prolonged period of time. Bull This is exactly opposite to that of bear and is a person who believes that the Bitcoin price will go up and experience a bullish trend. A bull market is referred when the Bitcoin prices hit the roof for a prolonged period of time. Bull trap. It is a situation when the market prices slightly increase and the investors start buying the cryptocurrency following which suddenly the market falls. Bagholder This is a person who holds the Altcoins for a very long duration of time and the currency loses all its value and the investor is left with nothing. The usually are the people who follow the pump and dump Altcoins schemes. If you like this topic a position reaction is appreciated.
  15. I have seen many complaints from officials as well as royal users about copy and paste issue and i think i just found a permanent solution to eliminate this disaster. Here is a solution: Officials should start a campaign to pay users who submit a confirmed copied material; as it's not easy to catch a copied content it is not easy also for people to concentrate on reporting copy and paste, users even royal simply don't care about the copied content they just reply and move on. That;s just my suggestion, if you have any solution in mind please share and if you also like mine like it.
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