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  1. Hello friends Yeah its really right clearly there is no doubt if you have much knowledge about cryptocurrencies and you post better topics on daily basis so you can earn more. Better knowledge and better reputation these two things are very important. If you have grater knowledge you create informative and useful post then you take a good rating. If you have proper knowledge about this site your reputation will increase also. Thank You @Danish19
  2. Hello friends In my opinion i can't describe in words what did I learnt from here at first I want to say that it is one of the best route from because it gets as knowledge. I came here to earn at first but getting here I saw that there is more to it than just earning this group. We increase our knowledge and income day by day here. We are looking for important knowledge and information that will make us money. Thank You @Rao Muhammad Afaq
  3. Hdllo friends In my opinion is yes crypto talk can be a good part time job for students. They can work on crypto talk and from this they can make money. This forum gives a lot of money and knowledge in the beginning also. Skill through this platform the most important thing. I am also earn money from this platform to deal with my expenses.. Thank You
  4. Hello friends In my thinking the most important thing for Biggnier is to learn from this site. The forum requires a member to spend time studying the valuables information post by fellow members to gain additional experiences.u If a new person will read your post and work according to your advice hen he will become a strong member from this platform. If you do not follow the rules but you face many problems, your account may be suspended by the administrator maybe. Thank You @h3ek76 @hasan321
  5. Hello friends. In my thinking crypto is important because it gives the opportunity to earn free bitcoin in exchange for working on platform, Crypto currency is a very valuable currency in the present world. People easily earn it from internet. There are many way to earn crypto currency from internet. It really helps our daily lives we do exchange with crypto. Thank You
  6. Hello friends My opinion is no my friend your profile picture won't affect your account you just have to post good content and participate with other people. There is no effect on your account if you don't have profile picture. Profile picture describes you and it's an unique mark for your account. Profile picture never become the reason of banning your account. Thank You @Lina909
  7. Hello friends I wish that this is is full of happiness for the Crypto forum members and are good and hark working members specially newbies who join recently. We can pray from God. I hope 2020 would never be repeated. I'm very optimistic this year and I wish everyone reach to his goal. Thank You
  8. Hello friends In my thinking current education system is not good students do not able to give answer on a simple question because they don't learn honestly. Nobody is satisfied. Our families constantly raise discussions on this topic. The most important point that we must understand and continue on and pass on to our children. Education system of this generation is not to good properly. We have to make changes in this system of education also. Thank You @Nasir3
  9. Hello friends Yes no doubt cryptotalk is one day get fame in the whole world. As the people's work rate is increasing day by day. Many countrys are using crypto as part of payment. Many people will benefit for cryptocurrency coins. , I thinkit will spread all over the world. The future of cryptocurrency country. People prefer to use cryptocurrency as our digital currency. Thank You @ahmadisco
  10. Hello friends We can see now there are many people who stopped giving good reputations and that is not correct just because they are not paying for the grades, Members that provide a very good and interesting topic will got positive rating from others member. We all know that our post to be paid it should be a positive rating. Thank You @Iqbal saeed @William jhonson
  11. Hello friends. In my thinking there's a different mobile apps where you can do trading. You can try searching them on appstore or play store. You can use major e commerce sites. If you are going to trade crypto, I recommend the binance site. Because it is a trusty and realiable platform where you can invest and earn huge amount of money. Thank You
  12. Hello friends In my opinion if you want to get benefit form this forum so just keep in mind that this forum is made to give information to people so just get knowledge. It's a forum that you can discuss about crypto currency with other crypto love. This forum is wonderful because not only do you get monetary benefits, but you also get a lot of knowledge. But be careful for useless content. ThanK YoU
  13. Hello friends In my thinking telegram bots are simply telegram accounts that operated by software and not people. Telegram a grat advantage over other messiging apps. Telegram boots are very useful and helpful telegram things. If we complete the tasks correctly we received crypto coins. Thank You
  14. Hello friends In my thinking crypto currency is being popular day by day.This is a digital currency. Cryptocurreny are the modern digital currency that can be used for exchange from one person to another person. Many people trade cryptocurrencies through these way they become famous and rich by trading cryptocurrency on market. ThanK you @Bilawal bhutto @Alaa4667
  15. Hello friends, In my opinion agree with you friend, now a days the number of scam and fake sites and advertisements is rising. The most important for me is security and withdrawal and funding commissions since you can save money. Its also not easy to get some money from those sites. Thank You
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