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  1. I feel proud to be a member of Cryptotalk because I am learning from it and earning profits. In all honesty, it is the best cryptocurrency forum because it has rules, it teaches us commitment and respect for opinions and stimulates us to exchange new information. It is a fair forum and for those who consider it an encyclopedia in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Trading in cryptocurrencies is a matter of great risk, as it is possible to lose all your money in trading or be deceived, and the unexpected rise and fall in the price of currencies, this matter which we cannot expect or predict is the biggest risk
  3. It is true. Many recurring topics are deleted, but we have to continue publishing and creating new creative and useful topics for the rest of the forum members and especially for beginners, so that they can acquire the largest amount of knowledge and experience.
  4. You are right to the hardships on our way to success that hurt us somewhat, but it strengthens us and gives us the push to reach our goal in the end. So we have to stop at the first stumbling block, but rather we must follow up and work hard to complete our path and crown our goal with success
  5. I advise you to follow this platform because it teaches us a lot. Read all the topics and ask the old members. And I advise you to social networking sites such as YouTube Watch the videos that talk about cryptocurrencies, you will learn from them. And join Facebook groups that talk about cryptocurrencies. These are the best ways to learn.
  6. Hello my friend. We must ensure that our publications are useful, innovative and contain a valuable topic. Taking into account the rules of the forum and not violating any rules and that your topic be at least 100 characters and stay away from negativity as much as possible
  7. Yes my friend, you can withdraw money from this platform. Where you can send your payments to the wallet you want, and you can withdraw it in the currency you want. Try to choose a currency with lower fees. Good luck and big win.
  8. My friend. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrencies is their price that changes, providing you with the enthusiasm and speculation to give value to the cryptocurrency. The advantage is the speed in transferring it and withdrawing it or transferring it to your account. The world of cryptocurrencies is a vast world full of excitement and excitement
  9. My friend. A good comment with useful content and high quality is the one that takes positive reviews and good reputation. If the post is useful, it does not violate the rules of the forum and has a creative and innovative topic. You will receive the positive. And it can be the first comment in the blog for the largest number of members to see
  10. You are absolutely right my friend. Hope is very important and looking for the better in our work will lead to amazing results. If the road is full of obstacles, we must reach our goal. Good luck to all members
  11. Congratulations for this achievement my friend. This shows how useful your posts are. And your positive reputation here on the forum. We must show strong will and patience and challenge ourselves daily to show our essence and to surprise the first people with the success we have achieved
  12. Hello my friend. The most important thing is to read the rules in the section about the forum where you must respect the rules and abide by them. Then you have to complete the first 100 posts which are free. Then it begins publishing 20 posts per day for a week, and then receives its payments. Good luck
  13. Payment is still as it is my friend. You only have to work hard and prove your worth with high-quality publications. Never give up, but challenge yourself and be patient until you win and win money and a good reputation here in this forum, which in my opinion is one of the best forums. Good luck
  14. My friend does not accept posts that violate the rules, cut and paste, or fraud, your participation must be of value and in the English or Russian language and you must not talk about violence, racism and wars, you must read the rules carefully.
  15. My friends, Etherium is getting so much more valuable, which is great. And there is news that the European Investment Bank (EIB) is planning to issue bonds worth 100 million euros registered in the Etherium network. This news confirms that Etherium has a great future and will be greatly appreciated. My friends, I hope you will follow the news related to cryptocurrencies because it will help us analyze things and help us predict the future of cryptocurrencies.
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