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  1. A new member can improve by reading the content of expert members on the forum. These more experienced users contribute their knowledge by investing with cryptocurrencies. Also do good research before creating your content here, that way your input will be highly valued.
  2. Friend, interacting in the Cryptotaolk forum is not boring at all. You must have the correct optics, know why you are here and think about everything you can learn by reading the comments of others, plus you can generate additional income that will help you with expenses.
  3. It is useful to tag a member of the forum especially when you have any comments or questions about what he commented on that topic. I have done it before and have received feedback from members with extensive experience, which has served to increase my learning in cryptography.
  4. Working on something we like is definitely fun. This can happen as we enter the world of cryptography and we become passionate, interacting in the forum commenting on our experience in cryptocurrencies and reading comments from other users about their experiences makes the work not only fun but interesting and serves as learning at once.
  5. Welcome to the Cryptotalk forum. The first thing I can tell you is that you are in the best place to earn Bitcoin legitimately. The best time to withdraw your money depends on the needs you have and the purpose you have with your money. Once you complete the first 100 publications, you start charging from publication 101, as long as they have positive evaluations and your comment is useful.
  6. This calculation applies only if the only way we use to earn Bitcoin is the Cryptotalk forum, although it seems like a long time, we can be certain that Satoshi or fractions of Bitcoin that can be used to invest in the long term or exchange for other currencies and trade them. Either way, you can look for other options to earn Bitcoin, although make sure they are legitimate and not just a waste of time.
  7. Friend, the fear to invest will always be present, even more so when we are beginners investing with cryptocurrencies. You can reduce that fear if you learn how you can trade cryptocurrencies to generate profits and minimize risk.
  8. Followers are not necessary, the important thing is to make useful posts that provide knowledge in the forum and obtain positive ratings, this in turn will make other forum members feel attracted to your publications, but above all it will ensure their permanence in the forum.
  9. A post that contains many spelling and grammar errors is not considered useful at all, therefore it can be removed. So, when making our publications, they must not only have relevant information about cryptocurrencies but they must be well written, without spelling errors and have more than 100 characters. Only then will we receive a positive rating and it will be counted for payment.
  10. The fear comes from the risks generated in any financial transaction that we carry out. But if we allow fear to paralyze us, we will lose profit opportunities, so we have to exercise control over that feeling and start taking risks, this will serve as learning and experience to become experts operating with cryptocurrencies.
  11. My biggest fear is losing money on a fake project or making an investment. I would like to start trading with cryptocurrencies but I am aware that to achieve it I must first learn how to do it, otherwise my effort will be in vain.
  12. If you do not understand a topic, it is better not to comment on it, because you will not be able to contribute anything new or useful. However, if it is among your possibilities, carry out an online search and research on the subject, so you can expand your knowledge and incidentally provide updated information on the subject.
  13. Definitely, criminal organizations take advantage of the fact that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous to carry out their money laundering. On the other hand, hackers every day devise new forms of scams and robberies in secure wallets, entering their software and accessing other people's data to steal them.
  14. I agree with you. Given the uncertainty, we would be able to know how long the moderators and the administrator have planned to reactivate the payment in the English section. Unfortunately, stopping spammers is a job that affects us all, but these continue to increase.
  15. Since I registered in the forum I have used the Chrome browser and actually it seems to me the best, not only for Cryptotalk but for any other activity to be carried out online.
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