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  1. hello buddy this was nice question i have suggest you that in trading you should have more information and strategy is in your own mind just find it
  2. yeah dude i think there was a too many currencies in this world popular are countable but for my openion every currency have there own quality so u dn't compare thank you!
  3. yeah buddy If you have useful information and you want to share it with others to gain more knowledge from seniors in this forum
  4. yeah buddy I advise you to try to invest it in digital currencies in order to try to expand more
  5. yeah dude you were just feel relax in this forum ghere was no danger for us or our community
  6. yeah dude i think the best way is investing a small amount and never expect from this
  7. hello mate hope you are good.first of all you were complete your 100 post task for this forum then you were connect your id with yobit for daily withdraw
  8. yeah dude you should be compelete your 100 posts task then your daily task is 20 after 3 to 4 days you should able to withdraw your money
  9. yeah dude you should be talk relevant for relevant posts.and anthentic talks thats in this forum peoples like your comment or post then you should be able to gain excellent reputation
  10. yeah dude for my openion we should be manage time for stratup to success then you are free for all work and hobbies and much more
  11. yeah dude i suggest you that you should be manage time for 2 hours daily to complete your task
  12. yeah buddy you just go to google and peer.com and many others calculator you use what you want
  13. yeah dude you have must be take idea from those who are invested in crypto and meet them and check scnerio then invest if u satisfied.
  14. lyeah dude we have must be take advantage of this forum.we hav e just post and spend time.with learn to earn.this forum is very helpfull for our community
  15. yeah dude i cn't help.you like seniors but from my this forum is round about 2019
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