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  1. You have a point mate! If we want to avoid or reduce deleting of our post we should be familiar to the topic we want to make replies or we want to share our opinion. To make this happen we should do study and research about the topic we want make replies.
  2. I am trying the Yobit Investbox as of now and getting a 1% interest on my investment, so far I don't have any issue with regards to my investment. I think it is better to invest only a little amount to avoid big risk.
  3. We are here in cryptotalk not just to earn in their pay by post campaign because we do not know how long will it exist. But for now we are lucky to be in here earning and learning. We are here because this flatform mold us to be a trader or investor of coins in the near future. Therefore while we are in this flatform lets us grab the opportunity to learn here about crypto currency and trading skills.
  4. Same here, I am experiencing also that problem, hope to fix it soon, because it can down our motivation to create post or replies, I am thinking that maybe I removed from the campaign, but since that all of us experiencing this difficulties, I will continue to work hard here.
  5. Always do your best in everything that you do in this flatform. Think and make research when creating topics and replies. The good content of post or interesting and new topics can give you more reputation to members. You will have more followers that will give you good rate whenever you make activities.
  6. Start your journey by knowing the flatform rules. From this practices you can avoid doing what is prohibited in the forum. Therefore you can avoid warning points from the moderator and the worst is get banned from cryptotalk forum.
  7. The major risk that that will happen to you here is when you get banned. To avoid that always follow their rules, don't do the prohibited in this flatform. The major caused of being banned in here is doing multiple account because once you detected you are automatically removed in the forum. Incorrectly making topics is also prohibited the moderator give you a warning points in doing that. Plagiarism is also prohibited copy/paste someone ideas and claiming it as your own.
  8. I'm feeling grateful about this forum, aside from you will learn a lot here with regards to crypto currency you will earn bitcoin and talk token. The bitcoin I earn here is keep on my e-wallet for long time and the talk token is put in the Yobit Invest box to earn 1% daily. I want to put my bitcoin also in invest box but the minimum investment amount is big.
  9. Because of our curiosity when we get in in this flatform the tendency is we make research and study about crypto coins. Aside from getting information here in cryptotalk we do some search in google or in youtube what is crypto currency and block chain is all about, Then we get some knowledge and easily for us to make replies our new ideas here.
  10. Since we members are given the opportunity to rate the members post, We can help the forum moderator to clean our cryptotalk community from scammers and to those non sense post or replies. It is important to always check our members post and give rate. Now some members are lazy to do that task because of cancellation for payment in giving rate or reputation.
  11. This flatform give us the oppurtunity to be familiar on crypto currency while we are learning about crypto coins cryptotalk forum give us a chance to become trader or investor of coin. The bitcoin we earn here can be used to experience trading.
  12. Every flatform has a rule to abide, when you joining you need to accept it. Cryptotalk forum have a rules to follow, it is important that you read their rules and undestand before you start creating topics and replies to avoid conflict in your account.
  13. Yeah mate! Your right, since the announcement that the payment for giving rate is stop, members are lazy to give rate to deserving people that contribute useful post. Let's set us our standard to give rate for those useful and non sense post in order to have us here a quality of information that can help to those members looking for ideas about crypto currency.
  14. Since of announcement that the payment for giving rate is stop some members lost their appetite to give rate or reputation to members post and replies. This is now the concern that need attention. We should support our fellow members that deserves to have good rate.
  15. I prefer to invest in crypto than investing a house. Because in crypto there might be a chance to double your money like what happen in bitcoin price this year 2020 the price increase at its maximum level. While investing a house sometimes you need to down the price when selling it.
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