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  1. Dear @maarcoferrer thanks for sharing such a unique and informative topic,it is very important for individual to set a good aim of life and follow these instructions to get more experience and success in life.
  2. Dear @Hume it is very necessary for working in cryptotalk organization our mind will be fresh because we can easily make a good idea and comments to the topic therefore we should first fresh and relax our minds.
  3. @Sophie0011 dear it is very interesting topic, we know that world become a global village in which online currency is very necessary and useful and we see the current pendamic situation of world in which the crypto currency is very important and we can easily it is transictions.
  4. Dear @Romains UkUk well come in cryptotalk organization, it is very interesting and informative forum in which you can easily learn about digital currencies and it's marketing system and earn money to fulfill daily life expenses therefore we should give time to learn more about this site.
  5. Dear @Fahmida RipaRipa it is very good point because in beginners section we can easily make topics and we can easily learn basic rules and regulations and therefore we should first learn about Cryptotalk rules with the help of following the rules we can easily get success.
  6. Dear @Chusana493 it is digital currency which used for payment in cryptotalk organization when we make topics and posts in return we will get some talk tokens, which can be exchange in yobit to get home currencies to fulfil daily life expenses.
  7. Dear member we hope all of you are fine, and enjoying the cryptotalk organization we are facing the issue of transfer of talks and satoshi,but now the talks can easily transfer to our accounts and Satoshis are blacked. I hope senior will get my question and I am waiting for your response.
  8. Dear @Delgboke it is very interesting and amazing topic,dear the first dear I feel is taking risk and I think if we loose or I our account is hacked by some scammers after that I started my business with good confedance.
  9. Dear @Shaniii786 really bro we can easily get interest in cryptotalk organization when we get good rating and reputation which is possible if we make unique topics and informative post which is understandable and knowledge able to all members.
  10. Really it is very best chance for promotion of cryptocurrencies because many people engage in online working and they wants to use online payment , therefore we should work hard to popular the digital currencies and aware people about it importance in current pendamic situation of world.
  11. @T.H NayeemNayeem dear really Binance is very best exchanger it is historical performance is very good and it have good security system,and it is easy to mange therefore we should make exchange in Binance .
  12. Haibat khan


    @caco1550 dear thanks for sharing such a good topic, really it will also be a good exchange but in my opinion the most trustable and popular exchanger is yobit which have low exchange fee and have good security system.
  13. Dear @kimberly24 we can easily exchange it yobit account to another coins after that make investmente of coins you will get more profit but in my opinion we should not waste time in free coins we should work hard to get more knowledge and experience about digital currencies and it's marketing system and make the forum more famouse.
  14. Dear @DrAhmadAlkazem really bro imigination is more important than knowledge because if you don't make imigination we can never get knowledge about any thing, therefore we should first make imigination of goal after that we can easily get knowledge and experience about the aim.thanks for sharing such good quotation.
  15. Dear @Emma AndersonAnderson really it is very helpful and unique forum in which we can easily learn and earn about digital currencies and it's importance in current pendamic situation in free of cost.we should make unique and knowledge able topic which is understandable and beneficial for cryptotalk organization.
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