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  1. @Migo so this is the one that you've talking about on my thread. Lots of people saw this, yet a lot still gives reactions to contents that are unworthy of having reactions. I think they should implement something that'll make others stop giving unnecessary reactions.
  2. Creating a new topic without source link is just fine, as long as the content of your topic doesn't contain any quotes or if you cited something on your content, then your definitely need to have a source link to where you got it. It is prohibited to quote something without giving the source link.
  3. Yep, definitely we have a large community but having more doesn't mean it is better. It should be Quality over quantity. I think the solution for the problem is that we report contents that are useless and the admins should take our reports seriously to reduce spammers. But it is the opposite, a lot of members here tends to give reaction to useless and "thank you" content and not giving reactions to posts that are worth reacting to. I see, but maybe one topic ain't enough to educate members here in the forum. Reputations might not be everything in this forum, but I think it could mislead people. Especially if someone has a lot of reputations even though that member is posting low quality contents then people might actually believe what he says because the member has a lot of reputation. Seriously? Those who are doing that should be reported immediately. As I have said, reputations might not be everything in the forum, but it is powerful. So it should be used correctly. This might be one of the cases why they're giving out reactions even though the quality of the content is poor, but even so, giving out reactions because of that reason is wrong.
  4. I've seen a lot of contents here in the forum, especially topics, are earning reactions even though the content quality of the topic is really poor. I also observed that a lot of posts are given reactions just because they thanked the forum or yobit. Please, just give reactions to those who deserved it. There are many posts that are far more better but it doesn't have any reactions and that explains how poor our community here is.
  5. As a student, cryptocurrency is my primary source of income. I do not have any part time job, other than trading cryptos. I'm not having really big profits with trading since I my capital is not that big. But my profit from trading is enough for my everyday life.
  6. Good day @Desais! I was hoping if it is okay to use VPN while accessing the forum? There are a lot of talks about it, but no one can really tell whether it is okay or not. But I guess, it is fine because there's no such thing as "Usage of VPN while using the forum is not allowed" in the rules and regulation. Well, the true answer would be the one that you will say.
  7. There some ways to mine Bitcoin. First, you can mine via cloud mining which is most likely to be a scam. So my second suggestion would be the best thing to do, which is to do your own mining by building your own mining rig.
  8. It is not recommended to mine Bitcoin using your personal computer. You should build a separate rig that is dedicated only for mining. That's way more safe than using your own rig for mining.
  9. There really are a lot of scams out there and a lot of people are falling for those scams. So posts like this are really important because people who became victims of scam are not aware of this schemes.
  10. It is not possible to change your email that is binded to your profile. You can see it on under the account settings. You cannot change email and username, you could only change your password.
  11. I have friends that are member of Bitcointalk and I can say that they're earning a loy more there than there in this forum. It is because they have a lot of other campaigns there. Also, their payment depends on your rank.
  12. It is because the counter that you see in the yobit site is the count of all your posts and minus the posts that are deleted. It differs in the counter that you see on your cryptotalk account because cryptotalk doesn't deduct the count of posts that are deleted.
  13. Do you mean how long will it take you to earn 1 btc with your earnings here in the forum? I've calculated it also before and It'll take you thousands of days before you can earn a Bitcoin with the current system of the pay per post program of the forum.
  14. This is cryptocurrency is decentralized and because no one can control it. Even though transactions are listed publicly, you'll never know the persons behind that transaction. Cryptocurrencies can be used to launder money and I think that is the main reason why lots of countries are making cryptos illegal.
  15. Bitcoin wallet address is automatically generated by a system when you created a wallet for Bitcoin. But I do not actually know how Bitcoin address is generated. But I think we do not actually have to know how it is made.
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