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  1. hello there, why go far? I mean why to look for other sites to earn bitcoins if you can earn from this platform cryptotalk, my personal favorite and best site for me is cryptotalk.. i could communicate and learn from this platform and get paid too just by posting comments
  2. they have explained further that bitcoin doesn't satisfy any currencies and it's volatility and very bad acceptance rate. The most important thing is so many other counties like china has also the same problem with bitcoin.
  3. say for example I have bitcoin and its at 8000$ at the current price, then it goes up to 20,000$ how does it automatically sell itself without anyone taking action, or even does it by itself when it hits a certain position say 5000$ if anyone has a clue please kindly guide me here because I have been trying to understand it but its in vain thank you and have a wonderful week.
  4. You can see the graph in your exchanges or for general purpose you can see on coinmarketcap or coingecko. What i think is Bitcoin this year will going down. The price now is around $7,000. Maybe will going down until $6,000 then going up again next year slowly. There is many reason behind it, like holiday, politic, et
  5. someone knows about this please comment and explain it to me . I would be very very grateful if u do so. And also please can you refer apps and other websites where I can earn money.To be honest I really need this money there is something that I need to take care of with this money
  6. You have good analyze and perhaps you'll keep up loadanalyze like this one, as newbie we need that. Even not always right people who up load their analyze with detail in forum are brave person. Next time try complete with money management, I'll follow you.
  7. Wright provided technical evidence to support his statement using coins that were known to belong to thecreators of Bitcoin. He has revealed his identity to three media organizations, namely the BBC, The Economist magazine and GQ magazine.
  8. the advice of someone who has invested in a successful project. However, it will be easy if you are friends and relatives. In addition, you also have to learn knowledge, track the history of the project you are aiming for .... safe long-term
  9. Web apps andcontracts can interact with existing wallets. If you want to improve a wallet then your compiling in c++ or Go. If you want to build a new layer, nothing says you can't build itusing your own language to interact with the networks.
  10. And if the coin would be successful, it would have a lot of worth in the future. you could also search for sites that makes you do simple task and then pays you with satoshis or any other cryptocurrencies. Would you like for me to suggest airdrops and websites?
  11. As the world we are heading to there are more educated graduated people who are missing employments. This number is increasing every day, but i think cryptocurrency if taught to these people and just the fundamentals of trading, we could reduce the number of educated people from the streets.
  12. Thename is irrilevant, but who and why does he not want to be identified ? Is there something tricky behind all this ? Could it be an extremely important and well known famous person that we all know ? Just that he is holding the fact of letting everyone in the cryptospace know that he is the creator of digital money ?
  13. In my opinion, the easiest income is to play the faucetbitcoin or litecoin. All you have to do is recaptcha or solvemedia. No need to worry about scams because most are legit. If mining requires capital, I think it is not easyenough.
  14. The USAF has a multitude of data sources like drones,planes and satellites that need to be secured said the Constellation VP business development - Benjamin Diggles Also the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is considering using Blockchain to secure military communications, including developing the "unhackable code"
  15. We all know or have heard of , that bitcoin has been the best performing asset in the last decade. While home prices have increased just slightly. Just think what a small invested in bitcoin has become after some time, while your home hasappreciated just a tiny bit compared to bitcoin's awesomeperformance
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