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  1. If you have some money you should invest and not store it. Because storing money gives us nothing but if we invest the money it will give us double profit. So If you have some money you should invest it on cryptocurrency and do trading and earn profit.
  2. We cannot leave crypto because crypto is the forum which is giving us an easy earning. It is a good source of earning for us which gives us money by doing posts. Now we are habitual of doing posts. I like to use crypto and also like to share information through posts.
  3. Trading is not easy. It is very risky. We need some patience and consistency in doing trading. We need to be prepared mentally for every type of result. We need some hard work and consistency in doing trading. We need to do research and study more about trading.
  4. Trading needs some experience and skills. It is not possible for every person to trade. Trading needs some qualities. Trading needs patience and consistency. We need to study and do research more and more to understand about trading.
  5. I would like to use yobit as an exchange to trade my assets. Yobit is one of the best legit and trusted sites. In it our money is safe and secure. It has a high security system. It is best exchange where we can trade and earn good profit.
  6. Cryptotalk is one of the best sites which gives us an opportunity to earn money easily by doing posts or comments. I think cryptotalk is enough for e to earn money and fulfill my personal needs. It is enough for me to be independent.
  7. Today there are many user of cryptotalk. They are using to make money on cryptotalk. There is strict competition between people in making useful posts. People are making new and unique topics. So I suggest people should create topics which helps people and give them more information.
  8. Yobit is one of the legit and trusted sites. It has high security system. It is safe and secure. Yobit also started his campaign Cryptotalk. Most of people are using cryptotalk to earn money only by doing posts and this forum also increases the users of yobit because the people who are using cryptotalk they have to make account on yobit.
  9. Yobit has started its campaign cryptotalk. Cryptotalk is the forum which gives us payment for doing 30 posts daily and we can earn 30000 satoshi's daily, This forum increases the users of yobit. Yobit is one of the best legit and trusted sites.
  10. I think there should be some more topics to discuss So people can make comments about. I also like this forum. I want to know more and more about this forum. Only by understanding cryptotalk we will able to stay for long in this forum.
  11. I like to use yobit as an exchanging site. Yobit is one of the best and legit sites. It is most safe and secure. It has high security system. We can keep our money safely in yobit. Yobit also has a campaign which is Cryptotalk. People can also make money here by doing posts daily.
  12. We can introduce cryptotalk to our family or friends as an easy earning site. We can suggest them to earn money here only by doing posts. They can earn 30000 satoshi's daily by doing 30 useful posts daily. People can also get information about different topics on this forum.
  13. There are many exchanges in the market but yobit is one of the best exchanges. I like to use yobit because this is the most legit and trusted site. It is safe and secured because its security system is very good. It keeps our money safe and secure. I personally like to use yobit.
  14. Thanks for your suggestions. I hope these suggestions will be helpful. We should make time distance between posts. We should also follow the rules of cryptotalk while doing posts. Post must contain 100 characters. These are all things which we have to follow to make our post useful.
  15. There are many posts or topics which gives us information and knowledge about different things. We learn many things in this forum. We know about the ideas or point of views of different people. We also learn different ways of earning in crypto.
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