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  1. This is crypto margin trading and this can be done with both short and long positions. But be careful because if the funds in your account go below a particular set level, the broker can make a margin call on you, which is not good. Unnecessary or uncalculated high leverage may prone to blow your account in no time.
  2. I am very objective on my view for the best way to invest in trading. Arbitrage trading is basically taking advantage of pricing anomalies in the market so that you can instantly make a profit without risking any capital. I would recommend to arbitrage as the best arbitrage trading site. With Top Arbitrage you can make at least profit of up to $5500 per month! This software is tested by many professional traders and proofed as the best Forex and cryptocurrency trading Robot on the market. Top Arbitrage is a risk-free trading platform that allows retail traders to make a profit with no open currency exposure. This type of arbitrage trading involves the buying and selling of different currency pairs to exploit any pricing inefficiencies.
  3. If the probability of something bad happening is very low, we consider it as certainty and accept it without fear. On the other hand if this probability is a little higher we avoid it thinking it is risky and a gamble. In finance you cannot make higher returns without higher risk.
  4. Trading and investing both are equally profitable if its done in a right way and risky if it carried out with research and knowledge. You can go through such articles for more valuable knowledge. When it comes to trading we cannot guarantee profits.
  5. Confidence is very bad thing in stock market during trading because you are involved in money snatching game where all traders are playing the zero sum game. Your stop loss hit which is very good because you have exited with minimal loss, otherwise if you don't have stop loss your loss will be big. A stock is going down/up means it will go continuously down/up till confirm trend reversal. If you have noticed a block deal after 10PM the stock will definitely go down for few days. Now you have to analyse your trade. Whether you have taken buy call on a stock in downtrend and sell call in a uptrend stock? Whether you have put stop loss deep below support level or more above resistance level? Whether you are taking partial profits at regular intervals? Whether you are taking trade before 10AM and after 3PM? Increase your questions and try to analyse from all angles. Knowledge is the main, confidence has no place in stock market.
  6. Trader are opening positions in both directions and collecting pips. So in one day you can collect 100 pips for example and in open positions 70 pips minus left. So this means if you will close all positions your profit will be 30 pips for day trading. Not bad if your lot size is at least 0.3 If you are total beginner I recommend to start from minimum lot size 0.01 practice a little bit with it. then you can increase lot size. If you are interested to learn in more details how this strategy works. Check links what you can find in my Quora profile. Good luck in trading!
  7. Learn them, memorize them and let them guide you to investing success. Cryptocurrency is not Coinbase. Cryptocurrency is not Coinbase. You either believe in cryptocurrency. It is a 24-hour/365-day market. You can gain cryptocurrency in other ways than just mining and buying. For cryptocurrency to grow.
  8. In short term trading you are in the market for less time so your draw down (potential amount market moves against you) should be limited, you should be using small positions so your overall risk is limited. The potential profit you can make is also limited and you will be subjected to "market noise" which is back and forth price movement whipsaws because you are trading a shorter time frame. You need to keep an eye on your computer screen and watch your trades which usually causes some stress. This is where most day traders are trading and they have various results due to these factors. Long term trading has a better profit potential but also a larger potential draw down (potential amount market moves against you) because you need to account for typical daily fluctuations in price when you set your profit targets and stop loss levels otherwise you will be stopped out constantly. You need patience and you must adhere to a strict trading plan and not micro manage your trades. Your personality type and trading strategy usually dictate which type of trading is more suited for you.
  9. Below are my Top-10 lessons from the stock market trading: 1. Trading is just a probability game and not a prediction game. 2. It's impossible to catch all the excellent trade opportunities every time. 3. If you see other traders MTM, trades, it will trouble your emotional balance. So, follow your trade plan. 4. Avoid trading when you see a significant drawdown or when you get a few successive failed trades. 5. When you think you know everything in the market, the next day you lose big money! 6. If you lose money on any trade, then you have made a mistake, and there is a lesson to learn (no matter what). 7. Your aim should be to make money in the market every day, hour, min and second and not on other tasks like to get appreciation from other traders, to get more followers on Twitter etc. 8. No need to argue with anyone for any reason. You are right if you are making money in trading! 9. Profits in trading is inversely proportional to your ego. 10. Learn how to ride your profits. This is the most challenging task in trading!
  10. I began learning the skills of trading and before I knew what was really going on took the plunge and started to trade using "real" money instead of taking the time to work on the market over a period of time of at least a year to 2 years, which if you are new to the financial markets, is a relatively short period of time. The point I am making is that in spite of your wish to trade profitably it's much better in my opinion to know the entries and exits based on your analysis of the charts or else you are taking the data offered on trust which I don't doubt is usable but unless you know the market you cannot evaluate it and if you set the trade up incorrectly then you have no way of knowing if the signal is good bad or indifferent when it comes to it's quality. Similarly if you work with an account manager who advises you to trade a particular currency you are in the same situation. The primary argument to support signals is the fact people don't have the time to watch the market and do the analysis and this is a shortcut to making "easy" money without the legwork. By all means trial the signal provider for a period of 2-3 months to see if they are working out for you but I wouldn't commit to a long term contract unless you are 100% certain it's the right deal for you.
  11. This is more of a long term investment, you can't earn money that quickly as you can by trading. On the other hand, It is also more risk free in the long run. All you will need is an initial investment, so you buy a decent hardware that you will mine with. Bitcoin went trough its ups and downs, but mining bitcoins and altcoins is still profitable for a lot of the people. Otherwise, there would be no miners left. Miners are crucial for sustaining the blockchain network. Bitcoin miners help keep the Bitcoin network secure by approving transactions. Mining is an important and integral part of Bitcoin that ensures fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network stable, safe and secure. [1] When a block is discovered, the discoverer may award themselves a certain number of bitcoins, which is agreed-upon by everyone in the network. Currently this bounty is 25 bitcoin.
  12. There is nothing in compete with Bitcoin. The dominance of Bitcoin over the market is more than 50% while the rest of others share the rest. While Ripple already expands its market. Still, there is little competition. Bitcoin is the oldest one and gained trust among the users. The only issue it is facing is the transaction speed and transaction fees. In terms of use, some coins like BAT(Basic Attention Tokens) are already being used by people. According to a data released by BAT community they are already being used by 5 million+ users. While the main purpose of the Bitcoin is to give borderless payment system which it is still doing but the turn around time and other things also matter. People adapt other coins like Ripple, Stellar for transactions due to their transaction speed and it will successfully compete Bitcoin in no time but still can't say.
  13. The price of cryptocurrencies, like any other asset class, are driven by a multitude of factors. Most of the time, an increased adoption leads to an increase in price, i invest my Bitcoin and Ethereum with Cryptobond (, a billion-dollar trusted cryptocurrency investment platform that pays double your invested cryptocurrency after 7 days. This is done in the bid to promote the acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide.
  14. There will be thousands and thousands after that. It will soon become easy for anyone to create a tradable cryptocurrency through special programs for anyone to use. A poker group might decide to have their own currency to use on poker nights; families might want to name a currency after themselves to use between each other as merit points; fantasy football leagues at the office might create a currency to create a salary cap for each team; you might even create currencies to give as a birthday gift to someone... and so on.
  15. In blockchain-based technology (such as cryptocurrencies), mining is the process of assembling transactions into blocks and performing a time consuming computation to "seal" the block (it's a little more complicated than that and consuming time isn't the only way a miner can create a block but that's too much detail for this answer). This process is also called "confirming" transactions. Only when a transaction is included in a block (had been confirmed), the transaction is considered to have happened. In Bitcoin, 6 confirmations are generally required for a transaction to be considered immutable and safe to trust. That means a transaction must be included in a block and 5 more blocks need to be created after that for the transaction to be considered trustworthy. A miner who successfully creates a block typically receives an award for their efforts (block reward). In Bitcoin this is currently 12 BTC.
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