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  1. Hi, guys! We decided to add double-arrows to scroll on the main page for the users' convenience. We'd like to know your opinion: if you have noticed it and has it become more convenient? Also we'd be glad to receive your feedback))
  2. Of course you can make money playing our game🙂 Register and try it! Glad to hear it😊 Come and play, have fun and earn money😎
  3. Our service is still not a casino. We don't have algorithms to force people keeping on playing more and more. You can make an order to withdraw your wins any time you want as soon as it reaches 10$
  4. Would you be so kind to specify what exactly did you mean by his phrase "to provide a free analysis of this forum"?
  5. As for me I learned a lot here. What is crypto, it's types, history, rate. In future I'm going to learn earn, I hope))
  6. This year only and it's rather interesting
  7. It is helpful, of course. Each day you know more and more of points connected with crypto. Then with more info you may create different ways to earn here or to find a job, for instance.
  8. Thanks for your advices) The second or the third your topic I'm looking through is close in meaning to follow the rules of this site. I'll try to find the other your topics to learn more about crypto and the opportunity to earn here.
  9. Your variant is correct too. Thank you, mate)
  10. #is_not_casino You play with real players only. Now you are in the role of Colonel Blotto. There are 100 soldiers and a polebit divided into 9 cells at your disposal. Your task is to distribute troops in each cell to find oneself in the majority through the greatest number of cells. There are 2 game modes. In the first mode points are awarded for a victory or a draw in each individual cell. In the second and more significant mode the one who scored the greatest number of victories in different fields gets points. Points distribution: 0 points - lost 0,5 - draw 1 point - win. Become a great commander, control your soldiers and win battles! Register now! Ready to answer your questions and get feedback))
  11. Everyone has their own understanding of the useful and the useless. As for me I learned a lot while reading not so much the post as comments on it. I'm a newbie too)
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