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  1. As a user you don't have the responsibility to delete an account however your account can be deleted if at all you stop login in to the account that will be done by administrator not you If you find my post helpful please give me a love 💟
  2. Actually it is a good idea you shared here but that shouldn't distract a student from his/her study spend much time in studying your books and have less time to post here and share your ideas
  3. This UID is a specific number which is mentioned in your profile link, I mean when you put your cryptotalk e-mail in yobit and click on save the page will refresh and you will see some number.
  4. Investing in cryptocurrency is somehow different from that of buying assets compared to stocks. They are more volatile in nature , but as you get knowledge about the crypto space in general, you can become a better investor and hold promising coins for future appreciation , but patience is required in order to achieve this.
  5. Not word rather but characters, your post should at least consist of 100 characters, that's what i know about
  6. All you need to do is to understand the rules of the forum and put them in action when posting and also post meaningful information
  7. I saw it too but afraid of scammers because if care is not taken they can easily get your information and steal all your data
  8. Yes there is possible that you can lost your account or your data may be stole by some scanners or hackers so you need to understand the rules of it
  9. I don't think for a month the user will be banned because something can happen that will stop him from posting but will resume after but more than a month may be banned
  10. You can get many followers by posting something helping and useful especially when your information is making sense people will like to follow you
  11. Actually both are good because bitcointalk have many users by such a signature campaign will surely bring new users here on a daily basis.
  12. The reason I recommend cryptocurrency to my friend is because it has a privileged to work on this forum and it gives a lot for that I will let my friend know about this forum for that reason.
  13. For me, I wouldn't take any risk when it comes to investing. Investing in sites are just too risky. 90 percent of the time, they are scams. So if I were you, don't take risks. Especially when it comes to investing your bitcoins.
  14. There are some rules and regulations which have to be followed by biginners, because old members or seniors also know much more about that rules and regulations for this forum, but specially newbies have to know that don't copy paste the comments of others and don't post again and don't do a comments that are non constructive and research on google for crypto how is this forum working and how one can earn from this site.
  15. Yes i will advice you to even invest before you should continue posting if not you will not be paid for the subsequent post you post after 130 post but now that you have reached 130 post hold up and create an account in yobit.net then you continue to post Because that happened to me too i posted 185 without investing after i asked a friend he told me that they will only pay for the 30post because i didn't invest it after it reach 130post and that is what happens So invest first
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