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  1. Personally, Blockchain technology is my favorite because Blackchen technology has some qualities that attract the attention of many people in the financial world, such as transaction security and are anonymous. Many companies and countries see a great potential in this and therefore invest extensively. Join the movement without waiting.
  2. Yes, of course it's a good idea. But the point is, if we pay bitcoin for each course, they will learn to teach them that they just don't pay their income. The next step will help them find permanent jobs with the skills they need.
  3. I think the project is based on the advice of experts or by listening to the advice of friends or by someone who has logged on to a successful project. But it is easier to have friends and relatives . Moreover, you have to learn to track the history of the project you are looking for.... Safe long-term investment and vfa I vote Bitcoin.
  4. Here you are more suited to cryptocurrency and fiat. I'm a favorite here. For me, it's both. Crypto and Fiat World make me more profitable to their personal function. They can both be effective and joint in making money.
  5. Everything in the Internet world is unsafe. I don't think a person stole your balance. Hackers and a person are the most effective way to recognize your password. If the hacker hacks your account from your bill, it's a long time to go. You can set all your stability wrong. There's no chance of a reverse transaction.
  6. Cryptocurrency is a very popular online forum. The future of cryptocurrency is bright for investors and some countries that support cryptography and each country will extract its cryptocurrency. This future is big and prosperous and you will benefit from the cryptocurrency market.
  7. Now the Yo Token Airdrop is over for a long time. Now yo token has paid a very good price. The last Yedler airdrop ended on January 28. This currency will go up later because The Yoon is a great project.
  8. I think if there is room for different nations at the moment, I agree. Many people of different races with that goal can understand and choose what gatherings they can understand more. More people can contact and acknowledge the secret.
  9. Personally I think blockchain technology, although background technology, which will not be recognized, does not gain bitcoin popularity, has a bright view. Unless transaction costs are lower than transaction costs, reasonable behavior is required that we should encourage the use of cryptocurrency.
  10. There are many ways to make money in the internet world but I think most sites are artificial. But CryptoForum is the best site to get money from Crypto Talk and earn money. We should get crypto-talk easy to pay.
  11. You must be patient to be more profitable in cryptocurrency. My Bitcoin savings in my personal wallet for over a year will be fixed but it may be different if I save my money through the bank that they will cut my money as a monthly fee, says Crypto.
  12. Bitcoin is currently in great demand because it is a digital currency. Bitcoin makes more profit and more trosstable coins then gold coins. Gold prices are rising very slowly, but people who don't know about the crypto world have any idea about Bitcoin values. But Bitcoin is the best when compared to gold for a reason..
  13. There are certain things in the present world that affect them for economic reasons, such as bank closures and financial reasons that may reduce the importance of such a month. Also, some of the events of the year affect the syrapio. The first quarter is expected to be no more important events in the world.
  14. Currently, coin inflation in cryptocurrency can only be exceeded by the use of anti-exchange digital money which is clear from the centralized controls and becomes the full holder of the business transaction as a user shareholder, the pseudo-paper Money gravity is only a matter of time and will be replaced by crypto density which is required by supplyofing value..
  15. Bitcoin is a digital currency so if anyone gives me a choice to choose Bitcoin or gold for free, I will definitely choose Bitcoin, and then I will spend half for gold. Both are very valuable and have different investment options. We will use Bitcoin for short term investment and gold for long term investment.
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