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  1. We know that this forum admin will delete a policy that is considered not constructive. And the worst part is that if your post is not counted on by the YBCT, your 22 posts do not count there and you have to do it again. I have experience deleting a post, but I haven't tried to recover.
  2. I hope the best help is to start this forum for those who don't know. You can explain to them how they can start earning here and what kind of posts are taken here. If people join in, they will improve quickly because they learn a lot about cryptocurrency here that will help them enter trading in a little bit.
  3. We know that cryptocurrency is an expensive currency but why is bitcoin so trusted and now,,, ? Why do people trust it so much and most importantly if it breaks down? But for some reason it can break in a moment.
  4. I think Bitcoin can go up to 10,000 because Bitcoin users are increasing their day and Bitcoin currency reserves are increasing, it's a good way to be careful to be clean, but for some reason it can break down in a moment, just as Bitcoin is currently. Developing. But there is no end.
  5. We know that Bitcoin is the iKra digital currency so good Bitcoin, Satoshi lost his trust was created due to Fiat, it was fixed after the last global crash. But the financial institutions and the government (US and EU) have not learned one thing and instead are putting new printed money into the economy – which has not been lost to the common man who lost their pension and not the banks and other financial institutions.
  6. Alex15


    There are so many people around me who are like you. Take a break for a while in the shoes beautiful tahg you can share it y a nos is just being frutised and crypto and their own blame. Maybe you're not alone. Only digital money is doing its best to learn in this new world.
  7. । We heard something in the news, not a single thing until someone else found us with information about The Krypintu on YouTube or social media, which I live in Colombia and people don't know in general. Cryptocurrencies should create a platform for publishing their cryptocurrency.
  8. At present, everyone depends on investors. If a person invests a large amount of money but is sure to earn a big amount, in short, he analyzes first and studies the situation before investing, then a big investment will be a big profit. But if the investor is greedy and invests a lot of money, he is not sure what will happen and depends on luck.
  9. We don't have the things I believe are safe trading because it can't be avoided, but there's a way to prevent huge losses.. Whatever you do there are times when your investment may be . . . I think it's best to transfer it to the card, it's safer.
  10. Truly, deeply in the love of Gupta, I earn easy money as this for them. And now, as we get more digital, crypto currency makes it more convenient, transactions, payments or transfermoney are going around the world, and with the help of cryptos, new opportunities are just waiting.
  11. I think you buy coins when the price is cheap, if you save it for a long time, the coin is Bitcoin. You should start by investing in less and practice trading with it until you master all the necessary skills. Then you can increase your investment and trade with larger amounts and make big profits.
  12. I think the safest way. I totally agree. We remember when we first entered the crypto-curence world, I wanted to know what was private, even though we understood the meaning of the language, but what is being asked, and what to do, and what we understand, and what we understand.
  13. I think balance will always be important, and as you say, extreme standards can be harmful for cryptocurrency. A high demand can generate a higher price and a higher supply will have to be reduced. Moreover, the performance of famous whales can create a sudden movement in Bitcoin prices, which creates significant movements in other cryptocurrencies prices.
  14. We know that money laundering is definitely essential for the entire family just for financial obligations only to take advantage of the giant profit margin individual and succeed a little extra time still naturally always employed by all of you for interest and also for the smallest The margin of profit in the medium size is normal.
  15. In my opinion, the price of dogmoney has never been directly in the market and never has the market been pushed. Throughout his history, Doge has generally worked in the opposite direction for the market conditions and has paid his investors for months. If you think you are making positive progress for the dog, you should make this comment for the dog only and immediately.
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