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  1. There are many benefits too so I have been collecting cryptos and keeping them for a long time because I know that the future of crypto is in the fold. Because crypto can give us a chance to earn good money and I believe in this next generation payment idea
  2. Most say that it is better for them to create people by what they want so they can make a profit. Most of these groups are bullshitting, they've posted the wrong signal or they're late
  3. You can explain a little more than the crypto currency you are asking about so that we can easily help you. There are huge number of crypto currencies, some have a great future and some have a bad future
  4. It's a simple way to make money with Bitcoin. If the price is low in the market, we need to buy Bitcoin and if the price is high in the market, we need to sell Bitcoin. Smart people are buying and selling and it's call trading
  5. Thanks to this vision and Bitcoin will become the future of both real and digital. Bitcoin is a very big place, and we need a lot of time if we want to understand it better
  6. Let's wait for the price that the moon will touch, maybe this year or next year. Yes, only the coins in the crypto token exist. All will be in this crypto world of the future
  7. You can invest in bitcoin and you have gold as a backup. What do you think about this? Why would this be a smart investment or why not? Have you ever bought gold with cryptocurrency? General Chat Chat LoungRecently, I came across something on the internet about buying gold with Bitcoin. Looks like it will be good because it's a double investment
  8. If anyone has an idea of what a currency will be under $ 1, tell me a little. I've got y1 yoda dollars on ebite, but one thing I'm thinking about is the value of the yoda dollar
  9. For me, I sometimes use it to deduct some of the exchange market fees. I have followed the price of this currency, and its price is almost stable, I do not think it will be with more prices in the future
  10. Thanks for sharing this beautiful yarn on the forum. I hope Bitcoin issuance will improve further in the near future. I'm really pleased to see this fish bought by Bitcoin. I like people
  11. I hope Bitcoin issuance will improve further in the near future. I like this man, thanks for sharing this beautiful yarn on the forum, I'm really pleased to see this fish bought by Bitcoin
  12. If you have a choice you must visit the BitcoinTalk forum where you can find many articles. General Chat Chat LoungThere are many apps in the Google Playstore to read articles about crypto. You can also get help from Google cryptocurrency to rank higher ranked articles for crypto
  13. If we do not have capital, we cannot trade or invest and the promotion of grace would be the most appropriate choice. For example, this crypto talk, where Yobit is running a promotion, is pay-boost. General Chat Chat LoungGraceful promotion is the most effective way to make a profit on crypto without actually having to deposit
  14. Share your story with other people, learn more about the Sipto world. And meeting a lot of new people. It's perfect for staying here. General Chat Chat LoungI’m trying to spend most of my free time here, when I’m going to break up or have no job at the moment, I’ll be here. It's so fun to be here
  15. I believe that Coinbase Crypto is safe for both currency buying and trading, I recommend using Coinbase. If you are talking about safety and security, I think Coinbase is a wallet that is welcome to use for your protection.
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