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  1. I don't know what a crypto machine is. However, I have a great desire to know. It would have been nice to tell me. I could know what currency was crypto thanks to
  2. BTC currency is new. Who does not know this well in the world market now and then. $ 200 in BTC currency is too late to go. The BTC currency I thought would go fast at $ 200
  3. Yes I think crypto is best for students. Because it can be done alongside study. Students can earn good income by investing in it
  4. The forecast for the 2020 BTC market is accurate. Because BTC is increasing its propulsion at a higher rate. People are investing in BTC
  5. I use telegrams myself. Presently Telegram has a great reputation. One billion users have used it. The telegram is the best way to communicate. Its use is increasing day by day. People know about it now
  6. I don't know if Air Coins have any future. But I think it will get good propulsion. It will help non-people. But let me know. I want to know
  7. I don't know how much of a boom in cryptocurrencies. But I think crypto is coming to help people. Let me know I don't know much about this. General Chat Chat Loung
  8. I think it's best not to have free crypto. Because nothing is good for free. Then it won't matter. Man will no longer work on it. General Chat Chat Loung
  9. I think not all coins are about to end. It has come for people. People are accepting it. It will be very quickly accepted in the world market
  10. I haven't actually used a wallet or both of these two wallets. I have no idea about that. Please give me some ideas. I want to know
  11. Banks are scared of BTC and crypto because they do not want to accept BTC. People will not be able to go to the bank if they qualify for BTC. Going to buy BTC currency. General Chat Chat Loung
  12. I don't know how to increase it. But I think if I own a decent amount of Bitcoin. Then I'll do a trading on this topic, how do I add it. General Chat Chat Loung
  13. Thank you at the beginning Now Bitcoin is the most successful currency. Bitcoin gives people a chance to earn In the twenty-seven, Nakamo created a coin called Bitcoin
  14. Currency marketcap or currency I don't know anything about it. Please let me know. I'm curious to know. Let me know if I can get some gan on this topic
  15. I want to play blockchain / cryptocurrency games. I love playing games However I do not know how I will play it. It would have been nice to tell me
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