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  1. I think at first you need to check which coin is the lower rate in the market. You must be need enough knowledge about crypto currency. Everyone should watching youtube video and learn about it
  2. Utsha

    Secure you Account

    Yes i agree with you. Every crypto user need careful to secure their account. If anyone not secure their account then you lost your everything. And dont share your privet key with the others.
  3. I think masternodes is a long term investment project. Though i am not investing in masternodes. Now i am trying to know about it and if i understand about it then i am invest it.
  4. I think crypto is both. People working this forum and earn a lot of money. And some time they invest in crypto and then crypto currency price goes down. For this reason people also loss their money. Thats why crypto is both
  5. I think bitcoin future is bright. Beacuse bitcoin is one of the successful cryptocurrency. Day by day bitcoin price increasing rapaidly. And this coin has great market value. That's why bitcoin future is bright
  6. I think holding xrp is not a bad decision. Ripple coin is the profitable crypto currency. Every one need when xrp price will rise up then we need to sell this coin. As a result we can earn money easily
  7. I think it is very bad news. I think everyone at first need to know about crypto. In crypto privet key is very important. If you lost your privet key then you lost you everything and dont back anymore. So be careful
  8. I think now everyone need to buy bitcoin and hold it. Beacuse now bitcoin price is very low. When bitcoin price will rise up then we need to sell bitcoin and easily we can earn more money
  9. I think yobit is one of the best exchanger. Now yobit need some modern futured. Actually i agree with you. Beacuse if they add other modern futured then people get some opportunity.
  10. If you invest on yobit invest box then you get some percentage of it. I think it is very great futured of all yobit user. Yobit is one of the best exchanger i have ever seen
  11. I think bitcoin is better than ripple coin. Beacuse bitcoin has great market value. Day by day bitcoin increasing rapaidly. I am choice bitcoin for long term holding. Bitcoin is most profitable currency
  12. I think if you get scammed or hacked then you lost your everything. For this reason you can not back your currency anymore. Thats why everyone need clearly know about bitcoin.
  13. I think no one can know how many years bitcoin still exist. But i hope it is long-term project. I think bitcoin is our future currency. People selling bitcoin and earn a lot of money
  14. A few days ago my friend tell me about crypto benefit. Then i am interested to working crypto. Now i tell my most of the friend about crypto. They are very interested to know about this metter
  15. There are many cryptocurrency in available here. Crypto is like a digital or online money which rate is day by day increasing. I think crypto is the best outsourcing site. Working this forum people earn money easily
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