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  1. I don't even see an important point from that news. Let's say okay these firms will create a regulation for security offering to destroy a traditional way of invest in crypto (ICO). It seems like that the ico itself has already killed by IEO and what they will be facing to battle with IEO not ICO. It will be back again to the community's choice of whether they will invest in the STO or IEO. Have you checked bitbond and that's the first fully regulated STO that has already approved by the Germany government. It has a bunch of complaints on the internet if their money(investors/lender) already defaulted by the borrower. The speculators in crypto have different perceptions about how to invest. I believe if that firm will be fully operating in the future and that will not open the gate for the public (Opened for accreditor investors only). Just because it's fully regulated, doesn't mean if that will always bring the investors to the decent profits.
  2. BItconnect is now as safe as can bethe contract they use has been tested many times no failure has been foundeverything they say is opens ource and can be verified at any timethis contract is 100% transparent no promises are givenIf you just diss bitconnect for what they did you wrong here and did no research into the new projectthis is a new startif you lost money on the previous bitconnect this is your best bet to make it backYou can trust bitconnect 100%- no develper or anyone has access to user funds and the smart contract cant get shut down, by anyoneMake Bitconnect great again!!!dont listen to this unknowledgeable noobs and haters hereBitconnect is now 100% safe and people are already earning again on BItconnect
  3. So, I do not use BitcoinTalk a lot so I'm virtually unknown here, but I have quite a following on Reddit, I make good money being a writer that does very specific jobs, anyway, Lately I was exposed to the Brave browser which allows me to be rewarded by users, Of course, I made no money out of that since the BAT currency is virtually unheard of (not to mention the creepy name� ).This lead me to the idea that I can create my own token and use it to get paid for my tasks which would create demand on my token (even if low demand), I was researching how to create my own token and when I was about to get my big boy pants out, I found this new small exchange mintme.com that allows you to create your own token by literally pressing two buttons, the process was easy and smooth, but it hit me, that even if I were more famous it would be too much hassle for my clients and followers to go to a new exchange, create an account and deposit BTC just to buy my coin. At this point, It was no longer about mone...
  4. Each altcoin has different price and destination specifications, Very reasonable price fluctuations occur in cryptocurrency. The price of a coin is determined by supply and demand, the more difficult it is to get a coin, the higher the price. If the new altcoin doesn't have a clear goal, most likely the price will get lower, it will be increasingly difficult to survive and will slowly disappear in circulation.
  5. These altcoins or shitcoins has become an eyesore every time I checked my wallets three wallets full of shitcoins, I'm desperately looking to trade or dump these altcoins, because it just reminds me of wasted time and money.Are you also desperately looking to dump your altcoins.
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