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  1. The reserve bank of India unanimously stopped banks from transacting with crypto exchanges and this decision was taken without even consulting the Indian government. Currently hearing is going on in supreme court of India between RBI and crypto exchanges. There are hopes that RBI ban will be overturned.
  2. Because the security design in the cryptographic ecosystem focuses on protecting users' wealth, there is a risk of losing wealth in situations such as death and disability. If the personal account's password is lost, including their email login, the property of such people continues to exist in the encrypted world, but it will never be found.
  3. Use a wallet that has devices, it will make yourself able to safeguard assets more safely. Avoiding networks can make our assets avoid crime. Believe that when we store assets in large quantities we must make special treatment.
  4. I also want advice from the experienced people about this. Now, should we like to enter the new Bitcoin investment? I think this is the best time to enter Bitcoin. Bitcoin prices have increased a lot and many people say this price will increase further. So I think it's a good time to enter Bitcoin now
  5. I think fiat currencies will be replaced by cyptocurrencies minimum 10 or 15 years later. It is early for cryptocurrencies to replace them. Cryptos are volatile. Maybe stable coins can be more close to be the local currency of countries but it is early for them too.
  6. bitcoin can not be banned because it is decentralized, I believe that countries know they can not prohibit it (no matter how many laws of censorship laws they approve), what they seek is to make it difficult for people to interact with bitcoin (not being able to buy or sell easily) and thus reduce its importance in the country
  7. There should to be a have the way to block the stolen coins.Unfortunately we don't see or have way to block stolen coins.If the codes of the coin show somewhere in blockchain. There should have a way.A software detect it and blocking it.
  8. One of the main reasons why investing in an ICO is very risky is that there is no guarantee from the developer of the coin price that is an ICO investment when the coin has been released in various crypto markets for trading.
  9. The new ones are showing interest to invest in cloud mining though there are old crypto people that remains intact to such sites because it's either they bought contracts during early times while others are waiting for their withdrawals.
  10. I am very positive that a bull run will come sooner or later, newbies should really study the real coins that is able to prove itself worthy regardless of the market condition if not when you get profits from shitty coins when the market is in a bull run and you does not know the important of choosing ICO when the market turn bear you will lose your portfolio fast.
  11. I was thinking that after all the coins were mined, miners will rely only on the transaction fees to get paid and pay their bills. But the price needs to be very big to make it worth. How would we do that? What do you think? What will happen?
  12. he advantage is that you are supporting the network if you run a full node, since people will be able to download the transaction history from you. Also, this offers a very great security.
  13. Brain wallet is the good technique that man can do with his brain power. Bear in mind that human brain is a complex thing and as many algorithms, you think of and provide them with your passcodes or something else at any moment something can happen to you. In that moment it is 50 percent that you will forget your passes and that was your only storage you've stored it. Afcorsee the human brain is exceptional but always make a backup.
  14. People cease to trust decentralized structures that have access to both personal data and money that are capable of doing manipulations. Bitcoin and crypto is a solution that eliminates the need for third parties that's why banks are afraid to become unnecessary
  15. I just love paper wallets and I frequently give funded paper wallets as gifts for Birthdays and Xmas gifts. I tell them that I will move the coins from that wallet to another wallet within 1 year of giving the gift, if they do not move those funds within that year to their own wallet. I also provide them with a step by step guide on how to sweep that wallet onto another Bitcoin address, so it is just laziness if they do not do it themselves.
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