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  1. @Trainz I think this a Good question that need deliberation on. We have trusted yobit as an exchange site but it's not a block chain rather an exchange site which can be attacked by the Internet scammer what happened to our fund then how are we going to recover it
  2. @ylmzfk well this is no contest I things is a normal drop but this shouldn't cause any alarm because it's drop is going to propellant for the acceleration of the value of the coin I think this is just normal step back. As we can see now that the btc is already on the go again @zhoutong
  3. @Carolina @tienda yes we need to a avoid creating a topic that is way too off the way as the requirements of this forum. We have to create what is real, original and very creative and up to at least 100 manful contents and also make sure that particular post have not been done by other members else it will me tagged as copyright violation
  4. Ripple is the future of cryptocurrency in my own opinion it's the fastest growing currency at the moments its very valuable and it's good in the trading of cryptocurrency especially against btcoin. I think it will be very wise if we can stats staking using xrp @Cryptonas
  5. @hani20980 yes like we just had the same thought I think it's unwise for people to think statoshi is worthless I think if the cryptocurrency have a stability its the statoshi that creat that stability and very sure very soon the value will increase and stay up there with every other valuable cryptocurrency @Husnyjaf
  6. @miskyming well from your own point of view your not wrong but I think in my own opinion the fiat banking system will be outdate so many won't save with the banking elites and a lot of people are going to be jobless but before then crytocurrency would have created more employment opportunities like you said
  7. @Honny143 yes me too. And in addition I think is very dangerous to use the funds you know you can be in need of any moment after the investment. I think while investing on cryptocurrency we have to use an extra servings such fund that even if their is lost we won't feel the loss.
  8. I think this new etherium will be good addition to the one in the market already but I doubt the hype as it will still tail the likes of bitcoin, ETH, xrp and some other valuable currencies which is already in circulation what do you think @Gomez12
  9. Mubiflow

    Crypto world

    @Razan alikac well I can't agreed less coding is the new development and one of the best way to work from home with a little effort am still learning but I need a site which I can learn the basic for now as I have been struggling to know more about it. Thanks in anticipation
  10. @Jromz when they first announced this advancement in the PayPal I was so happy as I think this not only promotes cryptocurrency to people who don't know about it but also to people who still doubts it's legitimacy. But they have been nothing but pain for people who have traded in PayPal as at now I just hope this injustice. Like you said it will be interesting to see how it end for both parties
  11. @Amiami well I like your analysis but in my own opinion I think Bank might not allow it for now is due to the fact the cryptocurrency is still the not very stable and trusted source of investment and exchange of good and services but I think on the nearest future where the cryptocurrency have claim its dominance it will be possible
  12. @Mark wood @khan22 your opinions is very accurate because having numerous or more than one wallet is very dangerous. Talking from experience I had numerous wallet that has give me a bad experience because I missed my recovery keys together which make me loose huge amount of fund. Till date I can't access the wallets.
  13. @usamahyes that is nice piece of advice there. I think we all have the opportunity to learn about the cryptocurrency and the benefits which is very dynamic all we have to do is to read peoples post and comments but some of our members have had more experience in the cryptocurrency market and has earn respectively
  14. @Zeshan Khalid you are definitely right about social network as it provides information about the cryptocurrency. And for any successful social network their ability to diversify in their communication is the actual success because being about to transmit information is very important as we don't all speaks same languages.
  15. @Bpman1321G I don't really know about India and their economic status buy when it come to the world of crytocurrency I am very sure that any country being it developed or developing country legalised crytocurrency in national currency will not only see big group in their economy but also cut short the poor masses in the country
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