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  1. The best wallet is safe, strong and very reliable and has a good reputation and is one of the oldest wallets that are found in the Internet is the blockchain wallet and it requires you to verify the identity in order to secure your account with a good and strong
  2. Mining by application is not profitable and can have great risks on your phone and can cramp a lot if it has good specifications and if it is a phone with weak specifications it can be damaged
  3. If you have a constant electricity source like solar energy, you will have good profits from mining because the electricity is very expensive and in relation to the bitcoin currency, it is difficult to mine on it now.
  4. With the most profitable currencies, whose price is very little in a market, you can earn good profits daily, but the big problem is the availability of powerful devices. This is the biggest problem in mining because there is a good price currency and is capable of mining in the coded labor market.
  5. Bob option

    Is mining dead?

    Yes, it is a good term for mining in general, it has become dead for people who do not have enough money to buy expensive equipment, the most important of which are very powerful computers and good mining programs.
  6. I do not think that there is currently a good currency for mining it and reaping good profits because most of the currencies have become difficult in mining and you must provide them with several good programs suitable for them and extract several algorithms from them and take profits
  7. Mining is no longer profitable like this, but you must first have a good electricity source like solar energy, because mining requires electricity 24 hours a day, and it is very expensive.
  8. Your computer can be corrupted because mining requires a strong device and strong specifications, so do not mine a device with weak specifications that may lead to device failure
  9. I did not sell but I think it was a good deal and I think that Bitcoin will rise to a large level in the coming months because it has great strength in the rise
  10. My priority when investing is to earn money, to be a good investment in the long run, and to trade in the cryptocurrency market is the best investment so far, to me, very safe.
  11. Ripple coin is an important currency that is present in the market and has a good company and works hard to support its currency forward and you can have a great future in the future
  12. As for the currency of Al-Athrim, it is very strong and analyzing it on the monthly frame indicates that it is gradually increasing and can reach its highest price in the coming years, but to reach the price of $ 100,000 it is currently impossible.
  13. Yes, it will become a big mess for every company to create its own currency, so they should rely only on one currency that is good and strong and Bitcoin is the best choice.
  14. According to the monthly analysis, this currency has started to rise against Bitcoin and is now good for long-term storage and is a good and strong currency in relation to the cryptocurrency market
  15. I do not have enough information for the black bitcoin currency, but I think it may have a good future, but you should get to know it well and analyze it and take and take the time to know its motives in the cryptocurrency market.
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