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  1. I do not think that there is a manipulation of bitcoin, but rather it follows several factors that revenge him and make him decrease. Therefore, I believe that the economy and supply and demand areas control Bitcoin strongly and that there is no other thing that controls it because bitcoin controls itself and is affected by several factors.
  2. Patience in trading makes you very strong in making a good and appropriate decision, and this is a great step for you to have strength like this and to make money from it while you are comfortable and without dirt in the brain, so having the power to trade like patience will have great success.
  3. The Yobit platform is one of the best platforms for trading and it is my favorite that you find all the good currencies for profit and several good rewards daily and it is easy to trade and also it is safe to store currencies all this makes it the best platform on the Internet without contest.
  4. I recommend you, my brother, the Ethereum coin for short trading like a day or less, because the Ethereum coin moves well and you can take profitable deals every day, but you must have a good experience in the market in order not to lose your money.
  5. The analysis is good and the expectation is difficult but not impossible because Bitcoin is able to reach the price of $ 100,000 in a blink of an eye, but there are several external factors that make it rise slowly and this is realistic, but my expectation is that it will reach half of this price in the coming years.
  6. Japanese candles are better in the general analysis of the market and they are the type that we depend on buying and selling from a certain point so it is good with several indicators that you can find several good deals for that Japanese candles are important in the market.
  7. Now Italians need cryptocurrencies more than ever because they are in quarantine and this pushes them to rely on cryptocurrencies in order to buy several daily needs, so the demand will increase greatly and this is a good thing for the future of crypto in the state of Italy now.
  8. We do not know whether or not they were doing this, but I think that they do not need to invest in cryptocurrencies because they have a good job and earn big money, so you will not find them in this field.
  9. I spend most of the time trading after completing my daily work in the forum, but sometimes I feel bored or tired so I go for walks at home or eat something good and do something different in order to return to the market while I am comfortable and active.
  10. This is a bad thing in the State of Brazil to follow all the people who work in cryptocurrencies and that they announce all their transactions in the market and this is very unfortunate for them and it is not good to support Bitcoin in the State of Brazil.
  11. There are no big secrets, but there are plans and strategies, and the most important thing is patience in trading and not to rush, because rushing may make you lose your money quickly if you are a beginner and want a quick profit, you must make a good decision before every sale and purchase.
  12. All beginners make them lose money quickly, but they must learn from their losses and turn it into profits. This is the success in trading in general because everyone learns daily from its mistakes and does not repeat it again.
  13. If I have 4 to configure in my portfolio I will go to trade with it better because trading is better than venturing in another field like betting or anything else trading has fewer risks and good profits so it is the best choice for me.
  14. My sister can rely on several good and strong trading strategies, such as supply and demand areas, and it is one of the strongest and profitable strategies in every good deal you take from the market.
  15. Yes brother my brother this is good information we add to several good topics in the forum so such topics are not present in order to make you pay attention to the topics that you responded to and that
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