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  1. Many cryptocurrency exchange websites are available to withdraw your money from cryptocurrency.
  2. I think there is no way to permanently delete your account. And I have no plans to delete my account.
  3. New accounts are closed until you do something. When you do your IP address, you create about 1 to 2 or more accounts from your net.
  4. If you want to add a signature then your account is out of date, then 5 days and you can add the signature to your account.
  5. Seniors are our teachers in every field, we respect them and then they give us a sense of the journey of life.
  6. I do not recommend investing in a site at all as it can be very risky.
  7. Yes, of course, I hope all the world or all countries are legal in cryptocurrency. Why is it illegal? It helps develop a country.
  8. I think half the price of bitcoin will go up to $ 20000.
  9. I started working on cryptocurrency for the year of 20 - I got ideas about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin from my best friends.
  10. I was also disappointed to see that I found this forum has 65000+ members but less active members.
  11. My Coinbase Moneybag Has Bitcoin Free my My wallet has a good amount of is good for me.
  12. No, I will not sell my Bitcoins right now because the market value of Bitcoin is now relatively low.
  13. Before investing in cryptocurrency you need research You should also choose a credible and secure investment is good for you.
  14. I don't even read any type of book for business and I think the best place to read or read is in this column or forum.
  15. If you want to invest your assets in a cryptocurrency investment platform, you need to know the basics for investing.
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