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  1. I think the most expensive one was Bitcoin and I sold it at a lower price because it is bad in the current market situation.
  2. Yes of course it is hot to earn from here because it is very difficult to earn money online I hope everyone will earn by working here and have a role to play
  3. Yes of course I thought it was improving my life, hopefully it would be by my side and play a role in improving my life.
  4. In the case of Bitcoin, I cannot predict the future so I can say it will survive in the market and will benefit everyone.
  5. My belief is that talking about it will increase the intelligence of every crypto user and they can work here easily and earn some good money. I believe you advise you to work here.
  6. Yes I think some time in present Bangladesh because many people in Bangladesh are making a lot of money from here now so I hope it will survive in the market and we can do anything from it.
  7. I think the newcomers here use their skills, talents and so on, leaving them out of the way that leads them to improvement and motivates them to do something good.
  8. Yes, I think we should make good comments from here that seniors-juniors can learn and they are motivated to move forward and work well.
  9. I cannot say exactly how much money it gives, but I can say that it is like a man's money with which people can go, and the various developmental activities of the society indulge themselves in their education and many things.
  10. Yes of course it is not so sure but I hope it will be sure and permanent very soon so that we will work here and get ourselves involved in a kind of salary and we will improve the country by contributing to the various developmental activities of the society.
  11. I make 30 posts daily here, then convert some Bitcoin dollars and enrich my life and move on.
  12. Yes of course I think new and old everyone needs posting support. If this help is given then we can all move forward together and establish ourselves.
  13. Yes of course I think you can develop it. I would advise that you develop it as it will allow you to enjoy many benefits and increase your respect.
  14. I didn't know how to connect the yobit account to my friend, but I tried to get to know it very soon and I hope to know more soon and be able to tell you next time.
  15. I don't think you can post more money back, but hopefully you can earn good money from here by doing well here which will help you in the next time and contribute to your improvement.
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