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  1. Yobit exchange is a very good and reputed exchange but recently I noticed that some tokens in Yobit are trading through some orders of the same quality, is that a bot? Pump, or something like this. I think there are many tokens that are non tradable in yobit exchange and even I had tokens like Lisa, x10, pony etc which has no value.
  2. Thanks for sharing this information and I think that long term trading is more profitable as compare to short term trading in long term trading as it's had the assurance of earning what you have in this month and the increasing of Bitcoin it's price increases and when you withdraw with huge amount you will see it's benefits for you. It is better to have little profit rather than loss.
  3. I think the best you can do now is wait and be patient until it come back to your buying price. You should study the coins you want to buy and this will give you good profit especially when you know the timing on buying and selling. Always research before investing in any projects and coins because there are many risks involved in it.
  4. Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable information and appreciate you to give 6 good tips to do trading its help to every one when they start trading but I don't think any tips and tricks work in trading because I think buy low price coins hold some more time when the coin price goes high sell them and earn profit do this process in another coin same but one think you do daily its follows coin price chart. I think we should not underestimate the market conditions to trade for making profit.
  5. Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable information with us and appreciate, your content is helpful for all traders and beginners who want t trade in future.Further i add here that confidence come with learning and skills,more you are good at technical analysis and aware about market behavior can put trades confidently and msotly trades with confidently handled are winning trades. But remember this Always take profit and exit instead of going in loses.
  6. I think the bitcoin price is increasing every day. If it continues to rise, its price will reach the maximum of 12,000 USD next week. The price of Bitcoin is increasing day by day.It is increasing every day.there's also another solution.which is to follow some of them to meet your needs And leave the rest. The future of bitcoin is very bright and fabulous and the price increase rapidly with good hope because there is a halving of bitcoin event this year so great change can be seen in crypto market.
  7. Thanks for sharing this information and According to me there are various different types of moving averages that can be used by traders not only in daily trading or fluctuating / fluctuating trading but also in long term trades. Always take profit and exit instead of going in loses.
  8. According to me margin trading is very risky, it's better to trade a little but have your own capital, because there is a little risk in case of failure, let alone having to use a signal, I also don't like the signal. Sometimes signals fails it goes reversal and we Will lose our funds so do trade carefully.
  9. I think most of peoples do not like to spot trading they want to get rich quick so they do leverage trading and most favourite exchange for leverage traders are bitmex .So do leverage trade with small leverage do not much leverage . Obviously leverage trading is more profitable than normal trading but at the same time it was highly risky.
  10. I don't think we should recommend to buy any trading system but if you have copy pasted this content from another source to be reflect on CrypTalk forum. Anyway, information is good and very helpful to us. Especially, beginners who are just stepping up to learn something in the crypto world,but it should be only for knowledge so buy it.
  11. I think you should not be afraid of losing. You can make up for your money, but also calculate that the profit rate can make you rich. You can also work here and gradually compensate for your loss. Disappointment is the way to achievement and misfortune is the way to success.
  12. Yes even am facing the same issue with many coins. Eso wallet I didn't checked but if you see it under maintenance, it's a temporary problem and they restart it after they finish the process, so don't worry, and all you need to do is give it some time, but usually in yobit exchange many coins are under maintenance mode.
  13. Blockchain technology brings big revolution in the financial sector and people will aware of bitcoin and crypto currency importance and value. Many countries adopted Blockchain technology and implementing and now Blockchain technology course is giving to students of universities and the Blockchain technology is our future payment system which makes transaction on seconds.
  14. I think you should learn trading techniques and strategies and do trade carefully and Some people have an amount that they will hold for the long run, while they have another position that use to trade. Taking profits is what we should be doing, but there are times when the market starts climbing that you will miss a lot if you exit just to take a small amount. You need patience and to figure out the best exit strategy when in profit. But Always take profit and exit instead of going in loses.
  15. I think lack of knowledge and experience people make lose their funds so always learn trading techniques and strategies and do trade and if you are on a losing streak, stop what you're doing and make an evaluation on what is going on. Figure out whats off-base, take a wreck a while lately starting all over again. Always take profit and exit instead of going in loses.
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