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My First Encounter With Bitcoin

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As a person who is very slow to technological advancements and procedures, the decision to own a bitcoin came very late but it was worth it.


Growing up I have always been skeptical about owing bitcoin as a Ghanaian because friends and family kept speculating it was an area filled with fraud and irregularities.


I must admit I fell for some of these misconceptions until I started reading much about these articles on investopedia  and eventually one of the platform that helped me as a newbie was Mybitstore, I started with just 0.025 BTC  but I was surprised to see how much I have made within a span of 48 months of investing.


I realised misconception about the crypto space also balls down to the fact that not much education on the coin is being provided by our local Government and our local news outlets.



The decline of Bitcoin



Bitcoin has seen a major bearish stage this year but as they saying goes ''Investment job comes as a risk''





When trading cryptos, you should be very vigilant, let no one deceive you. Crypto trading can be very tricky as there are no straight path to follow.

I would however divulge on the fact that the first step to starting your crypto journey is finding a reliable and convenient crypto exchange platform. This is the first step toward avoiding any sort of scam and fraudulent activities.


One taste of fraudulence can derail your who crypto journey so you need to be sure your dealer is credible and reliable.




Do not be in haste of entering into any trade of crypto exchanges, do your feasibility studies. I recall being so eager to join the crypto space when I realised my friends were getting returns from their investment. At this point I just wanted to own Bitcoin at all cost disregard of whatever shortfalls. Eventually this desperation lead to frustrations as I bought my Bitcoin at a too high rate.



The real freedom over your finance and within the crypto space is  your ability to buy and sell at the best rates.


In my crypto journey, knowing just the rate wasn't sure enough. You should go a step further by researching into platforms that charge minimal or no fee for trading, it would save your wallet a lot. Also make sure buy and selling remittance has an Ecrow system in place.


There's no complete body of knowledge on how to start trading journey but learning from experts would save you the hassle associated with first-time dealing.





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