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  1. Actually cryptotalk gives us payment in yobit exchanger. This is one of the best successful forum to earn lots of money. And yobit is one of the best successful exchanger in the world.
  2. I have no any experience about this matter. Beacuse I don't have enough knowledge about mining. But I am interested to know about this matter.
  3. Actually if our post is not a useful post then they deleted our post. So, all time we must be need to make useful.
  4. Actually coinbase wallet is one of the best successful wallet in the world. I am using this wallet. This wallet is very safe and secure wallet. This wallets reputation is very well.
  5. Actually we know that trading is one of the best way to earn lots of money. And when coins price is increasing then it's a very good time to trading.
  6. For money reason I will work on this forum. This forum is one of the best successful forum to earn lots of money. Here we can earn money by simply typing I mean posting.
  7. Every crypto users must be need to follow this rules. If we follow this rules then we can't be banned by this forum. Cryptotalk is one of the best successful outsourcing site to earn lots of money.
  8. Mining is not entirely profitable except you reside in a country with a very low energy / electricity cost, If not you could even be ining at lost.
  9. I am using Cryptotalk. This is the best platform for me. I am not using other apps and sites for bitcoin.I think this is the best learning and earning site.
  10. Internet currency Bitcoin is always up its price down at the present time we see more price up than 10k over and then came back to 9k.
  11. The future of crypto currency is very close than we expected, there are a lot of good things that the future of crypto currency or bitcoin holds.
  12. Social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram not give any money for using those site but cryptotalk giving free money everyday, so I choose cryptotalk for daily using.
  13. Most of time i spend in facebook,youtube and in this forum.I'm using this forum for learn more about crypto, Telegram and Facebook that I use to find sources of information, both faucet, bounty, or airdrop.Both applications provide a lot of information. about crypto.
  14. My favorite coin is Bitcoin, due to all of the cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin price is Coin. Cryptocurrency begins with Bitcoin and its costs are increasing because the days pass by means of. Through Bitcoin, greater profit is made through trading and investing.
  15. I don't have much know how about this.You can get the basics information by research and analysing the past data from the historical background.Now there is this kind of bitcoin which sounds funny but it's informative.
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