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  1. I think crypto currency have a great bright future.because the price of bitcoin is increasing day by day.
  2. Asia is the most user, not only in terms of population, China and India are in the top position as the most populous population.
  3. Yeap brother, I am also suffered this 5 posts have deleted today.
  4. I don't know what the crypto situation in Italy is. However, I think the situation in Italy is very good. The Italian government will give it a speedy legalization. But I'm trying to know about it
  5. Yes you are right When a big guy develops a crypto, he wants to be listed on the big exchanges to promote that crypto like binance exchange.
  6. In crypto currency, there are many wallet.but I think blockchain is the best wallet in crypto currency. I love it.
  7. Yes, it is good websites to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin for paypal and I have tried it and it works and it is honest and the transactions were done successfully.
  8. Actually I also think that bro.if he is creator of crypto currency then why he hide him? I think he can't a creator of crypto.
  9. I believe that one day crypto will be the world's main currency. You know, the use of crypto currency is becoming more and more popular. I agree with you that crypto is a deep sea.
  10. I think and believe that crypto is perfectly for a second here. It's a prevailing trend which will settle at this point for who knows how long.
  11. In 2010 the BTC Price was very poor. I didn't't join that time. If I buy btc in 2010 I was trading and hold this coin.
  12. The necessary precautions are not to register on the sites randomly and with the same information as well as to use 2FA protection as it is very strong
  13. I did not face this problem, it was probably a temporary problem for only minutesNormal.
  14. I think the students of the school will succeed in the future if they learn from crypto currency.. Students must learn about cryptocurrency as pt medical knowledge because there are thousands of benefits of cryptocurrency
  15. I want to achieve the success here in cryptoworld even though I am new here. So I think to achieve that, we should be humble and be good to the others who are part of this community.
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