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  1. Spammer will always spam and good poster will give good post and on topic, I still want this kind of method if we have a good moderators here they can trace who are good posters and who are not and spammer will not rank up because they will be ban temporary or permanent.
  2. 6 months is fair enough, I created this thread as a sort of motivation for members to continously posting and be active here to rank up for a rewards that's waiting for them when they rank up.
  3. robelneo

    Yobit Fee

    The best option is to trade your Bitcoin other coins that has lower fees like Ethereum and XRP that is exactly what I'm doing right now and I save a huge fees doing so and I'm also in the Bitcointalk campaign so it adds up.
  4. Any member here that is a week old can tell you that all post replies and thread creation you will receive payment you don't have to bother the admin, he is to busy to answer a simple question like yours, or you can just observe and read all our member's post.
  5. I'm pretty sure that they are going to add it when the time to create local boards is set for a forum to have a good flow of traffic doming from various tribe and country it must have their own local boards and I'm pretty sure we'll have one.
  6. So far so good in terms of payment and activities the big question is can we and the admin keep up, we will only know this after 2 or three months of continous activity, but we can say that Cryptotalk is the new kid in town now in Cryptocurrency forum, and people are now aware of it.
  7. Are you seeing the potential of this forum because it is a paid to post forum compared to Bitcointalk who is not a paid to post forum and only advertisers paying members to promote their project within Bitcointalk, it's to early to tell that we are not even one year old.
  8. I haven't discovered it yet because the forum has no time showing, on Bitcointalk and some other smf forum, they have a clok installed in their forum, so members will know the cut of of the time when they are posting
  9. I'm glad I'm here I'm enjoying both worlds bitcointalk and Cryptoctalk we should support both forums honestly without Bitcointalk we are all not here, let us give credit where credit is due Bitcointalk has help so many people and so many projects and on the promotion of Bitcoin in general
  10. So far I haven't received a warning but if you reply and you are just copying from the other who replied from that thread then that is redundant and considered spamming make your post as unique as possible by also reading other people's comment.
  11. I don't think you can do it you are only good in 30 post and after that you cannot make another post according to others I seldom reach the 30 post because I have a lot of project and also promoting Cryptotalk in Bitcointalk.
  12. it's only a matter of time before we hit the five digit in traffic this is only my hunch but I believe our first campaign will be Yobit because they own or supported this forum, that would be good they have an ongoing campaign here and on Bitcointalk as well.
  13. Maybe in the next two months there will be projects that will want to advertise here I just hope that project will be legit we don't want scam project to get in here and use this forum to promote their scam project
  14. I have given up the fight for this contest we already know who the winners are this early although that is not a good rule but we need to abide on it even if we do not agree on it, but it's better to take it and just implement the 5 minutes delay in the next post.
  15. Let them they have their own reasons, we all know the fact and this is why we are hodling our token this long, maybe they badly need money, and they have no option but to sell it, we cannot blame them of course it's their own money.
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