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  1. There is restrictions of many countries that denied the use and trading on crypto currency .. I have 1 questions Do our money safe in banks ?
  2. Can we see that our bitcoin can again go behind 5000$ as effect of bear run...?
  3. Ripple2019

    Bot Trading

    Do crypto trading using bot is good for traders ? Some of developers are offering to trade by bots ...
  4. Once there was a time in that every talked about Dgb coin. Now nobody talk about this coin Why ?
  5. List your top 5 crypto of 2022 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ?
  6. List your top 5 crypto of 2019 ! ⚠️ 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ?
  7. We heard about that on perticular exchange some Bitcoin or other currency is hacked by a person and large amount of that digital assets was transferred. Do you think it's really happenes ?
  8. Ripple2019

    Stop loss

    Is it beneficial to use Stop loss and take profit ? I have never used this function .. Have u all use this ?
  9. We know that negative news or fake news how imapct on perticular coin or asset in crypto market.
  10. 1st time invested in Bitconnect about 1000 $. After some month they again came with bitconnectX. This time i invested more than 1000 $. But this time they scam me. How many of you had this ?
  11. Hey friends, we had see price of Bitcoin below 3400 $ this year It is currently trading below 8500$. If there is sudden dump in price of Btc then we can see again below of our aspection.
  12. If we are trading on binance, it is pretty good , If we talk about Poloniex, we are not doing trade there because of its loosing it's popularity coz of not having advance method for trading
  13. Hello friends We are all waiting for another bull run which was came in December 2017. Most of us were happy that now Bitcoin and Alts coins will go high as possible. But situation were gone for ever. From that time and now comapre it is totally different.
  14. What happens when our global leaders start work with crypto currency ?
  15. I am confuse that which crypto wallet is best ? Should we put our coin into exchange ?
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