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  1. Thank you for the question Simplyed that profit here looks like a bull because it is fast and rises as the bull head rises when he reaches his goal It is a guide to just a currency value
  2. Thank you for the advice Work here needs a lot of patience Certainly profit will come but a reasonable profit and not imaginary We have to be convinced of what we win And gain greater experience in this area
  3. Yes my friend successfully fills with difficulties I think we are right for many patience to achieve our goals We always remember hard work + patience I wish you success
  4. Yes my friend .. The encrypted currency is a great evolution .. Although many countries do not use them but we can not deny their importance as a expensive currency and work we can resist and work with pleasure and without fatigue I think the encrypted currency in a permanent development will be after years traded in the world
  5. Follow the forum is the best way to learn Knowledge is important here .. Money is not everything The importance of this forum is to win the money and earn you know the work in encrypted currencies and invest And it is fun for social communication
  6. Yes my friend .. Thank you for tips For me I am beginner and did not create a publication yet because I am afraid of repetition and breaking the rules But I benefited from your advice, especially a search button that I did not know
  7. Hello my friend .. Thank you for this post Your words are true because the beginner section is the basis for beginners and I am a beginner .. I dependent on it .. "Question of the oldest members .. and to see the regulations and laws"
  8. Welcome .. For students, this site is very suitable for them .. You can give part of your time to make money and know here .. The work here is at home or anywhere in which there is no specific time or specific place. This is very suitable for students I wish you success
  9. Hello my friend.. The languages used in this forum are two languages .. And because this site Russian languages are English and Russian You must comment on these languages exclusively so you do not get warning points
  10. Yes my friend your question is very good many people who begin to work here early and have experience For me I am beginner here ...I began since days with the help of one of my friends I think I lost a lot of time
  11. You're right friend .. Actually work here is a good idea to gain knowledge and money together ..When we share knowledge with each other and learn more always and benefit others .. The work will be really enjoyable
  12. Yes my friend, this is true, here many topics are repeated in Posts we all have to create a new posts in new ideas as you said Thank you for your post
  13. Yes my friend, this is true, here are many topics in Posts contains many ideas Create a new theme is a hard thing for me .. I always avoid it for fear of repetition
  14. Yes my friend ... That's right .. Some are called a Betcoin coin, digital gold, .. I think gold has greater popularity because gold is sensitive .. so he is safe. It is also because many people in many countries do not deal with encrypted currencies as they are dealing with gold
  15. Yes this is true .. You can gain from the internet in different ways Polls ... Marketing Products But I found that investment in this forum is better and I gained here knowledge and pleasure too
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