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  1. There are so many things that could lead to you getting warning point from crypto talk or getting banned from the forum, and one it is begging other members for good reputation.
  2. You are welcome to crypto talk forum mate, this is a platform where you can combine earning and learning together, all you need to do is to be foucs, set your objectives, be hardworking, and produce more quality and useful post like this mind blowing one.
  3. I guess the amount of time you need to spend in crypto talk so as to earn more depends on you, it depends on how fast you can think and type, I will advise you take much of your time so as to produce meaningful and informative contents.
  4. Without being biased when it's comes to crypto currency, both trading and investment good and are both profitable, they both involve buying and selling of crypto currencies, I have more passion for crypto currency trading and working on being a good one.
  5. Really appreciate you for sharing this, we have lots of scammers out there looking for ways to make you their victims, they use so many tactics so they can make you their victims, you need to be careful so you fall into their scamming traps.
  6. At times I normally felt frustrated seeing lots of topics that similar, similar question, similar meaning and even similar contents, we all need to work on this, we need new topics in the forum, not plagiarized ones but the ones with new contents and new ideas.
  7. Although it's been a while I joined crypto talk forum and I have make comments on different topics from different sections, I haven't come across such, thanks for raising the awareness, I will surely look out for this.
  8. When it comes to withdrawing your earned bitcoin in yobit it is advisable to convert your bitcoin to other crypto currency coin because bitcoin has a higher exchange rate, coin like Litcoin and XRP has a lower exchange rate and can be use for transportation.
  9. Without no doubt, any crypto currency coin can be stolen if it is not properly store in a safe wallets, firstly the wallets you are keeping your crypto currency need to a secure and safe one, and you must also keep all your personal details safe.
  10. This is really motivating and encouraging, the aspiring crypto currency traders in the forum should stick to this, first of all you need a lot of knowledge about crypto currency trading before you can deal with it, you need to study each crypto currency coin.
  11. The fact is if the prices of bitcoin increases to a higher level it can only be bought by the those who believe so much in It , those who believe with the high prices they can still make profits from it.
  12. Posting in the same post you have already commented on is not a good idea unless if you tagged by a member who quote your post, there several sections in the forum with so many topics to limit your post to one topic.
  13. I think one of the reason why most of us avoid creating topic is that we are so fund of comments on topics and we felt we are not good enough to start creating topic, I have ones create a topic and I felt the quality is low.
  14. This one of the steps you need to follow as a beginner in crypto currency trading, after making research and gotten proper knowledge on crypto currency trading, you start trading with a lower price, buy from list price.
  15. Although it is not only the beginners that make post in the beginners section, other members usually post there too, beginners section is the advisable section to begin your post after joining crypto talk forum, it contains knowledge and information about crypto talk.
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