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  1. That’s great for you. i think that having a discuss many topics here in the forum about cryptocurrencies. We can improve our english and development of skills. So it is a helpful forum.
  2. Hello dear,first of all you should fallow the basic rule of forum. Respect each other. Your publications are meaningful and valuable content. Members give good reputation then be thankful.when your topics are not valuable and get bad reputation. Thank you for content it seem an eye opener for everyone.
  3. Hello friend, there are two languages english and Russian. You can comment in these language.
  4. You are right mate, I am agree with you it indeed it is a great forum that is why we can share ideas to other members in cryptocurrency and also share knowledge to each other. we get benefit in cryptocurrency.
  5. Hello friend, thank you for sharing topic mate, this is great platform try to make good and valuable content in others to achieve your goals. Many member should gave you good reputation on the platform. You can earn money in this platform.
  6. Dear, For avoiding same replies to a certain topic you have to do your own research. Every mind captures different ideas, ideas that are useful for everyone. I follow up on the new posts and I reply them. everything is useful. Good luck
  7. Hello my friend, this forum is not strict but is very useful platform. You can success in this platform when you follow the rules of forum. It never give favour to any member. Everyone are equally and follow the rules of forum.
  8. Hello friend, Payment will be suspended for a few days because the cleanup of the spammer in forum. the payment will be returned after completion. Thank you
  9. Hello friend, I calculate my crypto earnings in yobit account. You can create an account in yobit wallet and calculate your earning in yobit. It is very easy process to find your earnings thank you.
  10. Dear friend, crypto is the amzing and wonderful platfrom.In this platform we learn more information. With the learning on this platfrom we also earn the money.It is best platform for everyone. We develops our skills in this platform.
  11. I feel great forum because it develops our skills and knowledge. We can improve english in it. It is the best platform for everyone.Crypto have both facilities earn and learn so it is the useful platform.
  12. Dear friend, thank you for sharing useful information. Many of the beginner in the crypto talk they want to earn more this way they make another account on same IP they face loss account or banned in the account.
  13. Hello friend,I think it does not depend on honesty. You have to comment and exhaust yourself in order to gain more knowledge and experience. Your publications are meaningful and valuable content than get good reputation. You can earn money in this platform.
  14. It's not about the time to be honest with you it's about you.many time spend you need to teach the person. the good reputation you get by publishing valuable and useful content publications. Fallow the basic rules.
  15. Hello friend, When you receive a warning point, your previous post can't be deleted. we have to correct mistake and do not repeat it in the next times and try to improve our next posts.follow the rules of forum and avoid warning of luck.
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