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  1. It is of utmost importance to know the ups and downs of why you are investing in. Acquire the necessary knowledge and information before any step into investing so as to on the safer side and avoid loss of money.
  2. Bitcoin is different because of its key element which is its decentralized status/nature. Which simple men’s it is not regulated by any central authority. And also because it’s payment are made through a private network that requires no third party.
  3. Many are dim to quit in this forum not because they do not want to earn and make the money but because they lack patience, dedication and commitment. Which are of course the core keys needed to survive in this forum. You have to possess all this qualities before you can guarantee your stay in this forum
  4. Indeed I believe crypto has changed a whole of lives, but then I will prefer to make references with mine. So far it has even gone a long way in changing my daily routine. Now no matter how busy I get, I will have to pave and create time to spend on the forum not only to just earn but to also engage in one or two topics which are way interesting in order to add to my knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  5. Sales and trading we make with cryptocurrencies occur with faster rate and accuracy but mostly bitcoin appears to be the slowest amongst them all.
  6. No doubt the search feature plays a very vital and important role in the forum. It enhances and provides an easy way to access an information quickly
  7. I think using bitcoin to shop at malls, supermarket etc will also be a very great achievement in the world of cryptocurrencies. As it will also help in promoting the use of digital currencies. Though the characterized nature of its rapid or unexpected change in value might be a little bit of problem
  8. Getting to use bitcoin in buying and selling has always been one of the top achievements we have wanted to attain. Using bitcoin to buy a property or so will surely play a big role in promoting the use of digital currencies.
  9. The rules provided are a must follow. One must follow these rules and regulations in order to survive in the market and also not to fall victim of scammers and spammers. And also always have it in mind that there might be losses in the the market value at times.
  10. We do have so many reliable wallets to use, but so far I have only being using luno wallet which has been very secure and reliable for me. So if I were to recommend one for you it will surely be luno for I have experience with it and will be delighted to share this with you.
  11. Your tips are really helpful. For one to enjoy his stay in this forum, he/she has to possess relentless dedication and effort towards contributing meaningful to the forum. And abstaining from things that will complicate his/her and lead to getting warning points and even getting banned.
  12. As the number of people shown online is always increasing everyday, you can tell people are trooping into the forum on a daily basis. From this the forum itself is gaining more popularity
  13. The right and best way to start up with is to make and inquire about it from senior members of the forum as they most have had one or two experiences in investing. We can also make our own researches in order to have a lead.
  14. Stable coin attracts more money because it isn’t characterized or subject to rapid or unexpected change in its value, unlike bitcoin which is subject to unexpected change in value and for this many people wait for the convenient and best time to sell it.
  15. Though it will be a difficult task to persuade and prevail on this issue to people that cryptocurrencies are legit foundation to grow on and not a bubble. But in order to attain this, most at times we have to attach to our say prove of our payment in order to win them over.
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