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  1. Crypto world gave me knowledge on cryptocurrency, it has given me a medium to earn and help cater for my studies. It has really made me made use of my leisure time wisely by acquiring more knowledge and improving my vocabulary
  2. Thank you very this very informative guide. As I am also new to this forum, this post will go a long way in helping be a productive member
  3. Patience does does not come easily unless you have knowledge. The right knowledge I mean. The right knowledge can lead not just to patience but self confidence also. It is said that no two things have been combined better than knowledge and patience. Which is also amongst the qualities of a good investor
  4. When we dream about aiming a goal, it means we want to reach the goal. When we dream and aim it means we representing the fact that we are on a target to reach our goals which will soon be rewarded for our hard work. When we aim, our aims are intended and designed so also decided by our conscious mind. If we set our goals ridiculously high and it turns out to be a failure, we will fail above everyone else’s success. Which is why it is always good to aim higher
  5. You can only become popular on this heart platform, if you always contribute meaningfully, create useful and informative information to the members of the forum. If you serve as a guide most especially to the newbies. And always adhere to the rules and regulations
  6. When you go to your yobit account, it is cleared states that “cheat ratings or automation is strictly prohibited “. It can lead to you getting banned from the forum
  7. You can make comparison with the content of your whole post on profile with the number of useful post on your yobit account tell either your posts have been deleted by the moderators or not.
  8. To initiate, guide and maintain ourselves through achieving our goals. It causes us to go into action than rather procrastinate. The earning itself can help motivate us in this forum, as for my motivation came from my studies
  9. When you create meaningful and useful post on the forum, other members either new or senior members end up learning one or two things from it. And as such you tend to get good ratings/reputation for the post made.
  10. Knowledge is like is like glue that sticks information as well as learning together. When we have prior knowledge about crypto world and cryptocurrency, we will understand it better. If we do not have related knowledge of it then we will face difficulties in understanding its context.
  11. The most important key to success are determination, skill, passion, discipline and luck. You have to build high self esteem, believe in yourself, have confidence. Set powerful goals for yourself. So also seek knowledge and get rid of distractions
  12. After completion of the first 100 posts, you would have already been acquainted to rules and regulations and so also crypto world itself. It is now left to us to make ways for ourselves to acquire more from senior member’s previous posts and even embarking on one or two researches about cryptocurrency.
  13. The most important and best advice for beginners is to adhere and always have to heart the rules and regulations of the forum. So also committing and dedicating themselves to completing their first 100 posts which might turn out to be tiring to them
  14. To become successful, one has to overcome fear which is a tough issue to deal with. The fear anticipates the heartbreak of losing something that you have worked so hard for. Overcoming that fear, and finding acceptance with loss can be done with a shift in perceptive but getting it will surely take time and practice.
  15. To create a useful post. First and foremost go through existing posts by senior members in the group, also embark on researches which will also serve as a guide to you in creating an ideal 💡 post. So also always have the rules and regulations of the forum at heart 💜
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