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  1. BTCUSD broke through all support lines and a strong support level of 6800. As I predicted! For a whole month, in almost every post, he said that the goal of Bitcoin is 6200. + trend is falling. Therefore, still short with a target to level 6200
  2. lufiaq

    Trading bot

    does anyone use bots for trading here? what is the result of using a bot? is there a free trading bot for crypto? is it the same as using MT4 / MT5? How about Gekko? does anyone use it?
  3. Bitcoin has reached our goals! Now the price is at the support level of 6800 and on the support line. The trend remains falling and I expect the price to go lower. Therefore, we sell either from the resistance line or after breaking through the support level of 6800
  4. ok have lots of BTC it's good but I'm here talking about prices ,, I will sell BTC if he will go down I buy again if it's already below or I can use the exchange system contract I will sell the contract when going down I will buy the contract if he going up in my opinion the prediction is important not just collecting it
  5. I want Bitcoin to be $100,000 but for now it's just a wish. If you discard feelings, it is clear that the trend is falling + the price is below the strong resistance level of 7450. I think the bottom of the bitcoin is at the level of 6200. And only from this level you need to buy BTC What do you think? I will continue to update BTC update
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