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  1. Thank you so much for pointing out such a beautiful topic of Talk Token and BTC. I'm having some problems because I'm doing new work here. Many things seem difficult. So I request you to post about the things a little easier.
  2. I have received very little information about Teminibag recently. However, he has really contributed a lot to the Teminibag forum. I am sorry that Teminibag has been banned.
  3. As far as I know negative rates are not easily deleted just by deleting a certain post. It has already been recorded. If you post error free then you are not likely to get negative points.
  4. I have just joined this set so I have no idea about this but I am trying to know about this so that I can understand this easily. I may have to read more and give time to know these things.
  5. Yes Reading helps us to improve our knowledge when a new member joins the site they can learn about different topics on the site and details about how to make a post just by reading other posts.
  6. Those of us who work in the world of crypto have little knowledge about how to post. However, in order to know how to write useful and unique things, we need to take the help of site experts. New and informative posts are more useful than old ones.
  7. As far as I've seen, good posts don't usually get negative points. Moderators can delete old and negative posts without correcting them. Good posts always deserve praise.
  8. You're right you can't see payments while you're at work. I try to warn them when I see posts like this. It's best to avoid things you don't know or think are risky.
  9. You are right. There are lots of scammers and illegal sites. It's risky to work on them. It's better to follow the posts of old and experienced people on the site.
  10. I am the first on this site so I can't make any money from this site now but I am working regularly so that I can make a good money from it. I am happy to hear that you have made money from yobit. Good luck to you.
  11. I read your post and I understand that I am doing the right thing but I want to know what the talk points are and what they are worth. If you know you can help me.
  12. You made a very good post. All members will be able to know a lot of information through this. This is definitely a good post. More beneficial for newcomers.
  13. We are all responsible for giving positive or negative rates. Because it is a great help for the development of each user. These points are given based on the acceptability of the post. However, the followers have to respond with a little caution.
  14. I have less idea about this since I am doing new work. Cryptocurrency has its own blockchain. I am trying to know something about this.
  15. Yes friend I am doing new work on the site so I can't give any information about you but I will try to get help from various experienced people on the site.
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