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  1. The crypto wallet is very many now and so much of them are scam and not trusted, so it better to use of the following wallets as blockchain wallet and coibase and Jaxx also huobi by this way you close the wallet subject deffinnetly
  2. I am agree with you to choose binance as a trading site for your investment plan but to use robots for your trading i think that is not safe for your account, so its better to trade with your self because robots sometimes are not profitable and almost of time they don't use the stop loose
  3. @Zaino34 thanks dear friend for your detailed topic but i want to add just one thing. when you choose a coins to invest on investbox section you have to pick a coin with brigh future or at least a stable coin. In order to not loose when you choose a dropping coin.
  4. Of course is not the end of the world to have warning points but you can be banned or blocked from posting for a Long period of time, so we have to be awake and carefully on working here
  5. The best option to add to this lovely forum is to verify if the post is not repeated already, for example to verify the post by admins before sharing it, by this way we will avoid to warning points and the repetitive subjects
  6. Yes we have already seen the new feature of the forum and also the new method of payment hoping that this initiative will help to decrease the spam topics and members and increase the good constructive topics and members
  7. I have never hold my earning here i took every time the earning money and i invest it on some projects as the trading forex or cryptocurncies trading, because if i loose it i dont be very opset about
  8. Even the scientist they never say that they arrived to learn everything thing, rthe science is never end, and we have to continue learning here on the forum even if we are seniors and very experimented, without forgiting to help newbies ans begginers
  9. Yes we all know that the fees of Bitcoin is very on yobit exchange, so the is a solution for that, you might withdraw by using litecoin or dogecoin because on this coins the fees is very low
  10. This is the purpose of cryptotalk to help each other by sharing experiences and tips for earning and all of that we are also paying for oyr posting, hoping that this campaign will last for a long time
  11. Congrats for your achievement of 100 posts, you have only to try to work hard and under the internal rules of this forum cryptotalk to avoid the warning points and even the banning,
  12. So we have to work hard and do useful and constructive topic not only to increase the number of post and topic but also the quality of the posting must be good, also i think the banning system decrease the number od members so the posts are few
  13. So after reading your topic i can recommend to you the good new plan to earn money from internet, so you have to post here and earn some coins, also don't waste time and learn how to trade cryptocurncies and why not even the forex trading, by this way you will never think about other way to invest
  14. As you said there is no such forum as cryptotalk in payment and in it style, but there is Bitcointalk is very semilar to it but the payment system is very weak and very hard, only the expert members witch are paying
  15. So it will be positive thing, that we will face on the future, its really very nice thing to have other sites like this because as you said the community of people witch are interested on cryptocurencies will rise up and in parallel the cryptocurncies will also be on positive situation
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