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  1. The posts mostly are deleted due to violation of the rules of cryptotalk. Your posts may be off the topic or less useful in front of admins and the forum as well. So, it's not a good idea about stop posting due to this reason. You just keep posting as it will groom your knowledge and participate in the topics that you easily understand and you can give your opinion easily.
  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this forum. This is really an awesome forum for earning some bitcoin as well as collecting massive knowledge about crypto world which definitely helps us in someway in our daily crypto deals.
  3. I want to appreciate your effort that you did for providing this very precious information and pointing these books out as these books are really a great source of knowledge about crypto world. Thank you again for posting this Information. Stay blessed!
  4. Hello dear, it is very easy to withdraw your earnings from cryptotalk. First of all, you have to decide in which coin you want to get withdraw from yobit, then you will have to make a trade between your earned btc to your desired coin and then go to wallets option and withdraw them.
  5. We can warn from this forum just by posting appropriate, useful and constructive and logical contents which must be related to crypto as well as this forum. Posting inappropriate and useless content will be deleted and paying us nothing.
  6. I agree with you and cryptotalk provides us a great source of knowledge about bitcoin and other crypto currencies to start trades and earn bitcoin from trading or any other platform. So, we should keep searching and getting knowledge about crypto.
  7. Welcome here, you are allowed to make 30 posts or comments every day. All of your posts must be useful, logical, about crypto an constructive otherwise it will be deleted. On posting useful and constructive content, people who like your posts will give you reacts which are added to your profile reputations.
  8. Well, thank you for posting about such an awesome topic. Everyone can get guidance from your rules to perform and contribute positively in cryptotalk without any violation of the forum rules, because most of the members get banned due to some violations of the rules.
  9. Yes of course, it is easy to get all your earnings from cryptotalk to your local currency in any country. All you need to do is to go to your yobit account, make a trade between bitcoin to US dollars by selling btc and buying US dollars. Then, use any digital wallet for example perfect money for withdrawing and then exchange it to your local currency, for more guidance concern youtube.
  10. I joined this awesome forum last week and in the beginning, I spent my two days in learning and understanding the rules of cryptotalk then, i completed my free posts target. I have earned and made round about 12 US dollars so far.
  11. Till now, I joined many free cloud mining sites, but all proved to be a waste of time. These days, crypto scams have reached to an alarming situation, many people are loosing their crypto assets from scammers everyday. So, before investing, in mining as well, you should clarify about the sites from all aspects to minimize the chances of scams.
  12. Most of the sites these days for free earning about crypto currencies are scams and just waste of time, as you start earning there, and when you reach withdraw limit, they refuse to pay you a penny and making lame excuses. In my point of view, cryptotalk is the best site for free earning. Someone will say about bitcointalk but i heard it takes too long and hard work before start getting paid from it.
  13. Well, it depends on leisure and interests of the people about crypto world. I have much of interest in crypto world specifically in crypto trading which is full of risks and most of the day, I spend my time by reading news about crypto currencies, reading and understanding trading principles.
  14. Exactly, there are many difficulties and problems that we face in the beginning of any thing. Just like others, I also faced many problems here when I joined cryptotalk about postings then after reading the senior's posts, I gained the idea about how to deal with these issues.
  15. Yes you are right but it takes time to search for any logical topic. So, we should read the read the topic carefully and fully understand it and then, we should post something about it which must be useful and constructive for the forum as well as for the members and we should not post useless ideas and contents.
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