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  1. The United State of America's Rules in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) mentioning that US citizens are prohibited from exporting service goods or transferring any technology to North Korea without a license from the US Treasury. Because this is a matter of law in force in the United States, we cannot say that the United States government has given negative treatment to cryto. This is not a matter of cryto. One more ilegal fact that He has violated the United States Law for traveling to North Korea without permission from the United States Department of Foreign Affairs
  2. I believe that you have never searched for Coin Information (CoinsInfo) section on YouBit Interface. In this section you can view information on each coin such as; market cap, using what algorithm, using mining or not and if using mining what type of mining is used POW or POS, if you want to find out about coin transaction information click Exp if you want to know the coin details click Scr.
  3. I don't think that's a good way. Only to stop cryptocurrency activities must sacrifice many other very important activities. Like the saying goes: To kill a mouse in the house does not have to burn the house. In my opinion to stop cryptocurrency enough with the agreement of heads of country around the world to ban cryptocurrency activities. Thus each country will close all access to the cryptocurrency site including exchanges and wallet providers. This is done by internet service providers without having to turn off the internet.
  4. This might be because your friend has no knowledge of Bitcoin or crytocurrency. Only hear rumors from people who lack knowledge by providing information about one of the negative sides of using bitcoin without providing information about the good side of Bitcoin. When talking about black market, long before the existence of cryptocurrency black market activity was carried out by trading using fiat. Indeed, black market activities using crypto are more difficult to detected than using fiat, but with the current policy of several exchange and crypto wallet providers by requiring the use of KYC to be able to conduct Big Withdrawall transactions, this black market activity can be minimized.
  5. If you see Coin Info on YoBit, you will not find data about this coin; no market cap data, no information on what type of mining, no information on what algorithms and which network to work on. In shows that the token is not a cryptocurrency but a digital token created by YoBit that can only be used or traded within the YoBit environment itself. This is an important point. By YoBit the initial appearance was distributed to users free of charge with a fairly high price with details of 1 AIR that can be used and 99 AIR is included in the investment program that can generate profits for use with binding conditions. The price at the first launch is high and high investment interest will also certainly attract users to participate in an investment program with 99 free AIR capital and there may be among users to buy AIR Tokens again to add value to its investment. If we think, how can YoBit give 1 free AIR for user and give interest 1-2% per day? Does YoBit want to spend enough money on Airdrop and spend quite a lot of money every day too? Maybe you already know what the answer is. So do not be surprised if the price of AIR could be 1 satoshi and do not expect AIR prices to return to the original price as you mentioned. (Liza Token cs is a bad experience). Hopefully received and useful.
  6. I mean, Halving caused miner's rewards to be reduced by half from the present. As a result, the time it takes for miners to produce as it will now be doubled in length and of course mining costs will increase to double as well. If at present the mining costs incurred by the miners to produce 1 BTC reward are almost $ 6,000 then after Halving happens it will be doubled in the amount of $ 12,000. So I think that the price of Bitcoin after Halving is a minimum of the mining cost is $ 12,000 and this price may have been reached before Halving day.
  7. What Deutsche Bank reports from the results of the "Imagine 2030" study, which says cryptocurrency has the potential to replace cash is likely to be realized. This can be seen from several countries that have already realized such as Venezuela, UAE and Iran. The use of Fiat or cash is vulnerable to many risks such as: damage, lost and can be falsified. Besides that, Fiat requires printing costs. While cryptocurrency has security properties, transaction costs are minimal and fast, easy to store, cannot be forced and does not require printing costs. That is why now many countries are trying to make their own cryptocurrency through their Central Bank by issuing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) token, where authority and control are still held by the government. This token will replace Fiat in digital form with a stable value. As China is currently in the process of research and development of CBCD tokens. This token will later be distributed to users by designated institutions, such as BOC and Alibaba.
  8. Yes, I believe that there will not be a surge in Halving Bitcoin because according to my prediction the price of Bitcoin has gone up before Halving Bitcoin. So by the time Halving was no longer in a surge in prices. Maybe if you ask me, what is the estimated price of Bitcoin After Halving, then I will answer above $ 12,000 on the grounds that Halving will reduce mining reward by half today. This means that the time needed by miners to get 1 BTC reward will double as long. Surely the costs they incur will double as well. If the mining costs to produce 1BTC are estimated to be close to $ 6,000, the costs required after Halving become almost $ 12,000. So in my opinion the price of $ 12,000 is the lowest price of Bitcoin after Halving.
  9. If that's what you mean there is. But we never get news about who they are. What is certain is that they are investors who have large capital so that they can dump or pump to move prices. Their goal is to achieve what they want for the benefit of their business. I personally think that the biggest Bitcoin mining companies in the world like Bitmain as well as investors are likely to take their roles here for their business interests. Maybe they are one of the organizations that can move the price of Bitcoin.
  10. Bitcoin is completely open-source and decentralized which means that the Bitcoin network is managed by anyone and everyone at the same time consisting of Users (people who buy, spend, sell and store Bitcoin), Miners (who process transactions, mine new Bitcoins , and keep the network running), Developers (who are working to improve the network), exchange companies and storage providers that allow users to access Bitcoin and keep it safe and can trade It. So there is no organization or individual that can control Bitcoin. All controlled together.
  11. I think you also wasted your time by commenting here.
  12. Yes, but we don't know how long the cleaner is. In this week I only made 6 posts, on Monday my posts were useful 200 posts and today it became 202 and maybe tomorrow will be less than 202 posts.
  13. Yesterday at night before I entered this forum I checked on YoBit on the Crypto Talk payment page with a note: "Next payouts will occur upon reaching useful posts: 206 Current number of useful forum posts: 203" After that I made a post by commenting on one of the posts. This morning I checked on YoBit to find out if my post was useful. It turned out that my post was considered useful and got 1 ❤️, Note from YoBit: "Next payouts will occur upon reaching useful posts: 206 Current number of useful forum posts: 204" Next, I made a post again by commenting on one of the posts. I just checked on YoBit to find out if my comment was useful. It turns out that the note that I got on YoBit: "Next payouts will occur upon reaching useful posts: 206 Current number of useful forum posts: 202" Very surprising. I do not know what caused this. Maybe some of you can give me an explanation. I have tried to make the best in this forum. I no longer know how to make useful posts. I joined Crypto Talk since October 7 and have made 287 posts.
  14. I think what you mean here is the future of Bitcoin 5 years into the future. For me personally the future of Bitcoin will continue to increase periodically in terms of price. I base this opinion on the process of creating Bitcoin which periodically experiences a reduction, every 4 years called Bitcoin Halving. In the process of creating Bitcoin this is done by the miners. They get a reward from the amount of Bitcoin they get. Periodically the rewards they get are reduced by half. Here it can be assumed that the time they need to produce 1BTC will increase to 2 times the previous time. Of course the cost they need to produce 1 BTC will also increase 2 times from before. This increase in mining costs will affect the price and transaction costs of Bitcoin. It is very likely that the price of Bitcoin will rise, at least as much as mining costs in generating 1BTC. Based on the article that I read, currently the cost needed to mine 1BTC is almost $ 6000. May 2020 is the next Halving Bitcoin. So in the next 5 years 2 Halving Bitcoin will occur.
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