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  1. Yes cryptotalk is available in most part of the world and I'm sure it is available in Pakistan too.
  2. Yes you are correct there are many scammers on telegram committing fraud it all depends on your mental strength it is very easy to get manuplated always seek for others help.
  3. Yes it's fast ,easy and time convenient but it very complex to explain here on the comment as it would be an 1-2 page explanation which is wastage of time and energy ,you can find tutorial and explanation on YOUTUBE briefly.
  4. I first suggestion that I will is have perseverance and a clear goal ,over here on cryptotalk you will get a lot of post and comments on cryptocurrency , always keep looking you'll find something new everytime.
  5. Thankyou for the post , I've never used telegram so I never had any experience with the scammers ,but the way your are expressing it in here's is quite nerve racking .
  6. Your questions and comment are totally different,but thankyou for your help now I can see stastics of crypto currency,it will be good for keeping a track on bitcoin prices .
  7. No I personally don't like it because with the increase in your rank there are no additional incentives ,a beginner and a rookie earn same , opinion might differ from person to person.
  8. It might be because of personal matter but it is still classified by cryptotalk or their payment patter would have changed ,it is only a few people who did/doing this or else i find a lot of old members posting on cryptotalk.
  9. All you said were true and thank you againand again for your he help i was always looking for content on cryptotalk but was unsuccessful in it as many comments are just trash with no information and garbage and very broken English.
  10. Paitence is the solution to every problem you have ,here on cryptotalk and when you are investing in Bitcoins one should always be prepared to keep paitence in mind which many people lack.
  11. Well well you can't blame a person a person on crypto talk for not commenting with a "." As it very illetrate kind of thing to do .But my friend i suggest you to always use a ".". as it helps to look your content clean.
  12. Well it's unknown to a lot of people ,l guess it started around September 2019 but one thing for use its doing a great job by giving us a chance of additional income
  13. Thanks for your information I used to waste my time and money into dead and dump coin and causing frequent losses I am pretty sure with ulyour help i will be able to do good in future.
  14. Yes it's the very basic of English grammar commenting on croptotalk is a very crucial activity as many people are reading your comments ,well i can only advice you rest is your choice .
  15. Well it's still unidentified to me I think must be because of site failure and the publisher might have disabled comments,reaching limit is also a reason.
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