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  1. is Bitcoin is illegal in many countries and as well as the countries that legalized Bitcoin also when you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency you will pay tax because you buy some currency and also be able to give text about it but if the country where is illegal so when do you want love black do you mine Bitcoin so it is very heavy inquiry and they send you to jail
  2. Yes as we know that China also generate their own cryptocurrency for their own uses so as well as know the others also see their China is on a good progress of their economy so some of the kids for their user to develop their country and create more effective methods of transactions for their user
  3. In my opinion there are more than 2000 cryptocurrency all over the world that are verified but if we dawdle about around about there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrency unverified so in future in my opinion the cryptocurrency also touches the 10,000 value very easily in next 10 years
  4. Yes everyone is here and good to earn good reputation so that's become done when you have a good knowledge you both are good and people hagrid with them so GS types of people have a good reputation and also always how many people live in this platform is a competitor
  5. Yes I'll is receiving future the blockchain phones because when the whole world changes to the digital and the little things called the blockchain based system for also visuals cryptocurrency that are based on blockchain so were the blockchain phones are not invented see this phone soon
  6. to find out the best cryptocurrency and the way you want to invest for seniors because they have more knowledge and they teach you has student agree with terms and conditions and then you news about cryptocurrency and always updated from the platforms like related to cryptocurrency so always follow the social medias play Facebook Twitter WhatsApp
  7. 700 yo dollars he's a good going off the rank of great exchange and I also use this because I like the trading method as well as they have the good security user profile The exchange yobit so this is the good coin and recently announced that it also touches in the other exchanges so we're seeing the volume of this going very soon
  8. No there is no any chance that xrp Cross Good and plenty in the history of the world so there is no any chance xrp touches eth coin and it also goes close to the litecoin for it called the cheese material there tis looking like dream
  9. The real investment in the book refugee and some other like McQueen DanTDM full diesel to record holding reading as well as some AR-15 seaside's some uses in cloud mining so I suggest to about cryptocurrency and also dog training more money from this field
  10. if we talkin about the mining process for mining is also a way to earn cryptocurrency but different methods like mining in mining machines as well as the other is cloud mining where you want to invest and and otherwise a second-story building is also good mental health on money so in my opinion these tools are very profitable there is no any knowledge I have about gambling in cryptocurrency
  11. yes my name is not easy because mining also required more money as well as this is also a disadvantage as well as it also already time as well as it also use a lot of electricity so these are two disadvantages that and mining machines also using open places because they conduct a very large amount of heat
  12. If you want to secure your wallet in my opinion indigo wallet like blockchain and coinbase wallet as well as if you want to save other cryptocurrencies Kum & go opens to also use my ether wallet and always use 2fa to secure your wallet
  13. the reason that the peoples are rich in this field because they have the interest and the good think in their mind and also have the great knowledge so that this is the reason that they are getting rich day by day so i suggest you that also follow the seniors to get more knowledge and success in the life
  14. yes the robots trading is like in the forex trading so thats good of because they cant take our time and we have no any tension about the trading so thats good for trader as we see that that a good technology for the traders and there is a little bit chance of mistaken
  15. the next move of BTC in my opinion is it touches again the 10k value because if we see that this is the year of ht BTC and other that are linked with it so at the end of 2020 we see that it touches the 13 to 14 thousand of dollars.$$
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