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  1. I think these books are about the crypto business of crypto users. However, on this crypto exchange site we pay more.
  2. Yes thanks for sharing this interesting information in my opinion. Because I was thinking of the Crypto Valley. So do not accept this crypto currency in my country yet I hope but digital currency will be accepted in this country.
  3. I think Dash is a profitable currency for high investors. Because investors with small investments may be able to get the currency market level at this time. But it cannot be invested in this currency.
  4. I think in this crypto market there is no control over the currency handles working on the block. But other citizens can control the currency users and investors.
  5. Yes you cannot track a whale in the market and since that whale alone does not work. They work in multiple whale groups. They need huge power to mute the market.
  6. Yes thanks for sharing this information I think if you don't offer YouTube free UDBR you can easily buy these from the store. I think the box is good in a good box.
  7. Yes most often the application tries to do just about correctly and the site itself is trustworthy. In my opinion if you really enter, go for it, but for a while it doesn't take into account other things.
  8. There are many aspects, in my opinion the best, reliable exchange that you can call real customer support is that despite the hatred of the radicals here, for me it has been the perfect buying experience on numerous occasions.
  9. Ethereum prices are high pressure here too, but in my opinion I could have saved you justice if I had increased the bottle for this expense, but if you were looking for it, that would probably not be possible.
  10. Yes it is not happening for many reasons. One of these is they are playing puppet players with us and they are about to kick ass.
  11. They deleted my 10+ posts today and all the posts were interested and dedicated, I don't know why they are doing this. They may read at least one of these before deleting. So I don't really know where to get frustrated and to whom to complain.
  12. In my opinion, if you are blocked by the authorities once you lose the account forever. To avoid being blocked from this forum, you should share your knowledge here, but do not copy other comments or posts but do not give anything that is not related to cryptotik forums.
  13. Yes, in my opinion most anonymous users, old users do not see that they are busy with their lives. Some of them come from the admin panel or mode. So they need to do a lot of work.
  14. I am from Bangladesh, do you know it is already banned in Bangladesh? Our government should understand that cryptocurrencies create a good opportunity for us to earn good money and help us to be a source of income.
  15. This wallet is very safe and very comfortable to use. That is why this wallet is very safe. My favorite wallet is the Coinbase Wallet.
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