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  1. I have no idea about Yodler Balance so I can't tell you anything about it. How to check the balance, but I will let you know if I know this.
  2. Yes I must say, that is a forum similar to CryptoTalk - BitcoinTalk I have never used it I have no idea. I use crypto forums to make money from here.
  3. I think, the best site for collecting bitcoin is cryptocurrency. Crypto Bitcoin is a great platform for earning from which we can easily earn a lot of Bitcoin.
  4. Cryptocurrency Currency has many advantages Cryptocurrency is a great platform for making money. Here you can easily make money, and by making money you can easily change your finances.
  5. Yes there are many wire scammers in the online world. You will never give them your information. Because they can hack your ID. You must be aware of them and keep your account secure.
  6. There are so many fake exchangers in the online world, I can't tell you about fake exchangers. But I will tell you that you use Yobit ExChanger, it is a successful exchanger.
  7. Yes I must say that there are many games online that we can easily earn bitcoin on by playing it is definitely a great opportunity for us. How to earn Bitcoin while playing a game. I do not know yet. Those who have played the games will definitely help me a bit. I want to play games and earn bitcoin through it.
  8. As a beginner I certainly like to buy Bitcoin the most because the market value of Bitcoin is constantly increasing and its demand is high. I can make a lot of money by investing.
  9. Mahi1234

    Binance Launchpad

    I have no idea about the Binance Launchpad so I can't tell you anything about it but I am very curious to know about it and I would definitely like to inform everyone.
  10. Yes, I agree with you that mobile apps are definitely wasting our time here and we waste unnecessary time by which we are not paid.
  11. According to me, Iobit has been closed for some time. It's open now. You can now create an account on this exchange Y Yobit registration was temporary as they were about to open trading for their common currency only.
  12. In my opinion, mining in 2020 is really profitable for us. Because you can make money through mining. You don't have to spend much time here.
  13. I think you have to make meaningful posts here to make money on this site, and you have to work very well here, and you need to use the YoBit Exchanger to make money, cryptocurrency.
  14. Yes I don't think any other currency will come after the crypto currency. Because, among the many in the online world, crypto currency is one of the greatest and most successful.
  15. Yes I think I would tell you that you can use both WiFi and mobile data networks, but of course you have to use different accounts separately. And you must be aware that if you do not have two accounts with the same IP address, your account may be banned.
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