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  1. Only in USD but if you prefer it in your local currency you have to register with and exchange site that support conversion to your currency and transfer the money to your account
  2. Go back to 2010 buy as much bitcoins as I can store them in a safe ofline wallet and then sell them when the bullrun I guess I will be very rich by now
  3. You should not invest more than you can loose always try to diversify your invest to reduce risk of loss and ensure you invest in the right platforms
  4. I don't do mining for now I just prefer to hold crypto and sell for profit or trade or convert them to flat money to earn profit
  5. You can earn on bitcoin talk but I heard to have to be a senior member to be paid also you can online jobs on platforms where they pay with bitcoins
  6. Those website should upgrade their security facilities always to avoid such also users should take relevant precautions so that others don't have access to thier account
  7. Hmm not really execpt the ATM have a way of exchanging it online ,the bank that own the ATM will be the ones to make it possible
  8. Banks profit from every transaction made on thier platform the decentralized system doesn't give them that opportunity but the only thing constant is change I will advise them to move a long with the trend
  9. Btc is decentralized is it has a good market cap it can be exchanged for other coins in the market and its very popular
  10. I would be a millionaire with landed investment, but can history repeat it self again I guess we just hope and see the prices of bitcoin is very volatile
  11. You can earn profit here from cyrptpbtalk also you can engage in some online business on fiver you will get paid for work done
  12. Nothing is really free in crypto you have to do something you can buy crypto hold untill the prices are high and then sell for profit or you can go into a trade
  13. Make 100 useful comment and then toucan start getting your pay which can only be seen on Yobit exchange link your yobit account with your crypto talk campaign and then you can receive your pay
  14. Exactly but most developed countries are already moving towards that era it is a good alternative
  15. Thanks for the info its like a mantra for me now but can you suggest legit website somone can invest in with crypto.
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