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  1. 2017 its very easy to earn $1000 from airdrop. But now its so hard because many projects scamers and failed
  2. Visit and than click send balance. You have your payment bitcoin from reward post in this forum
  3. Let's in on market if you find fast transaction and volume from low to high volume sir. On there you must fast to trade.
  4. Don't save your private key online. Keep save with old metode , print out your paper wallet or private key and than save it manual.
  5. Please give link this BOT , and tutorial how we can do it. I want to using this BOT if I understand .
  6. if you know the history of halving bitcoin beforehand. is likely to be repeated again this year, prices will go down first and eventually go up continuously every day to set a record higher than the previous record.
  7. Of course , Trading is profitable than you invest Gold. Rate altcoin very fluktuatif for take profit but high risk.
  8. Yess , you alright. It seems like this forum really lacks auditors and moderators to handle all the posts. finding an auditor and moderator is also quite difficult considering the age of this forum is still early.
  9. rich people or most entrepreneurs if they know cryptocurrency they will adopt blockchain technology for their companies and businesses. not just for the pump dump token that they created.
  10. Bitcoin pair with altcoin is better than pair with FIAT. We know altcoin pair bitcoin always profitable for future.
  11. Arjii100

    What is spread?

    Thanks for education for us. I seen spread the simple is just range order buy and order sell.
  12. as far as I know, bitcoin ATM machines or often called vending machines can only be done buying bitcoin transactions using currency.
  13. the owner of this forum is very rich and has lots of BTC. he shared with us through education here. we can learn and money from here thanks to the kindness of the owner of this forum.
  14. Player cryto in my country less 2% from total population, out of 2%, only 30-40% understand cryptocurrency. they are mostly HYIP and ponzy players.
  15. Trading cryptocurrency is very simple than trading forex and binary. This is simple to do it , just buy low , sell high.
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