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  1. In my opinion, you can be blocked, because you are using one wifi for two accounts, obviously there will be an error because simultaneously you are active, in my opinion.
  2. I do not know the solution to this problem because there are still many who make the same topic even though it has been given a warning, and worst of all those who like to copy paste only.
  3. Thank you friend, you give a good explanation, I am happy with the way you talk, thank you friend, I can understand a little.
  4. hi friend, you can enter the settings, you can enable Notifications for your reply, thank you friend.
  5. Hi friend, I also like you first. 'I entered this forum I was also interested in the money given, but after I entered I began to feel happy because I could learn things that I did not know yet.
  6. I am grateful for the information, friend, I just learned crypto here, so I can learn from your advice.
  7. You are right, we must follow the rules of this forum, because we are in this forum to learn crpyto and, produce so we can learn well here.
  8. sorry my friend did not know about this, because I never thought to delete my account, because I was happy to be able to study here.
  9. I don't think you can have two accounts with one yobit wallet, you can ask for more details by contacting the moderator.
  10. You are right in this forum, every fan, crypto gather to provide information and their various experiences, and I'm glad I can learn from every member here.
  11. I am happy in this forum, I can learn in every member here and I do not know anything about crpyto, and I enjoy learning little by little about crypto here, when my time is empty I make my time here to study with members here.
  12. I only study crypto and I'm happy because I'm here to learn, to invest I haven't thought about it because I don't understand about investing so I decided to study first, before taking risks.
  13. I have not been told about this, so I don't understand about the signature campaign, maybe someone already understands, let me know about this.
  14. You are right, if you want to introduce crypto, you have to bring boutiques, your income, because there are still many who don't believe in crypto money.
  15. You will get followers in a certain way, you provide useful information and help members here, so make a good idea.
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