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  1. Yes it definitely helpful for is good site and you can anytime earn from this is a very helpful pay earn and learn here.this forum is very i think this future is very good.and it always helps us.
  2. Crypto forum is very important for is teaching us is good earning and learning site.a student who can teach here.and he can be good i agree with you.
  3. Yes i agree with you in the present time crypto is a big advisement in the is a good earning site.and many people trade here views every day lot i think this future is bright.
  4. I don't believe this topic i lost my yobit balance.because i know yobit is good wallet.and this security is very can keep your money here safely.and i think it is trust wallet.
  5. Yes it is fill depends a wallet.if your wallet is trust and safety when you crypto currencies is safe.but your wallet account is fake your currencies don't safe.
  6. Yes it is good decision.but it is very risky.i think investing is very helpful for us.but market business don't all time you can loss anytime.but your luck is good you get good profit.
  7. Yes it is a very helpful for us.if you member here you can work this site and earn money can post this forum and trade it is very helpful for earn money.
  8. I don't about litecoin.but i think lite coin is very uses many countries.and many company invest is a good currencies now this time.but i don't use this currency.because i am newbie here.
  9. Yobit is a good wallet.i think it is a very popular all over the is very trust wallet you can keep your money safe your money.this security is very hard.
  10. Yes i love crypto currency project.i don't forget crypto currency because it change my life and it pay me Money.but now days this projects is loss me.this project cannot show positive.
  11. Crypto is most popular is very popular all over the world.many country uses this currencies.and many country support this is high time for crypto and i think this is very bright.
  12. This is very good topic for beginners.a new beginner he can earn and invest here.if you new member here you can must follow this site rules.and you don't copy paste another post.
  13. There are many man work crypto.crypto is different site it earn and learn is good site to pay money.and it is very helpful for us.and this forum is very popular.
  14. Bangladesh is good development country.and this country many people are they can work in online.nowdays crypto is very popular in our country and many people work here.
  15. I am student so i don't get lot of money.but i work in this site it is my work so i don't complete 30 post per is very hard for me.but i work in this site every day 2 hour.and get some money.
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