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  1. Recently, I have heard a lot about the crypto wallet project called Cloud token (COT), which was introduced as a blockchain 3.0 technology application wallet (an exaggeration) with many advantages. It is worth noting that it is a crypto wallet, with the interest payment mechanism for users, this is a model similar to the Plus token wallet, now the Plus token has become a Biggest scam in China. It is believed to be the cause of the sharp decline in the price of BTC. Will the Cloud token become the second Plus token?What is your opinion about this wallet ?.
  2. A good project must know how to choose a good exchange, there are lots of good projects that failed because they choose a wrong exchange and after that the team lose hope and just dump their project and leave their investors which make the situation worst for them.
  3. hat are your goals by investing? yes I think everyone wants to benefit from investment and trade. given the market situation is not yet fully stable, I'm sure you can still benefit from them.I mean investing does not have to wait long, you can sell it at any time, when you see your coins above the initial capital price.if you don't do that, you will starve!
  4. ill others says mistakes is a great teacher I think failure, but for me its only applicable to some things not all, imagine if you have mistaken to sell you bitcoin to 1 usd , there is nothing to learn from that, its purely a big mistake and luck of focus, but for example in schools its okay to make mistakes becausw we are learning but in real life there is no place for mistakes because once you hit rock bottom it will be difficult to stand up, so I think making mistakes depends on the situation you are in, don't apply this to everything that you do in life
  5. As I said from before here, there will be holes also with this kind of offering. I am just really worried with a lot of newbies that may become a victim of this kind of projects.I mean, why not just stay with the legitimate ones and wait for them to increase in value.Why do we have to be so much greedy supporting a project that have way too much risk.Why not just stay bitcoin and be patient.Yes we all have a choice but a better one is being offered already.
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