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  1. These are excerpts from the youtube video, I feel like they are relevant hereMSMWCorrect me if I'm wrong, but is there a concern that most verifiers are hosted on centralized cloud providers (like Amazon)?SanfordThey can be moved at any time once in mesh. Sentinels protect them. Also the centralization argument goes nowhere. Electricity is pretty centralized. Bitcoin mining is pretty centralized at this point. Internet use at all is pretty centralized. It�s a real world issue that might be a �weak� point but it applies to almost all projects proclaiming decentralization 100%Refortuna AnalyticsThis is a valid concern, I encourage everyone to spread their nodes across the IP landscape. Linode login screens were defaced and logins were jacked by hackers back in 2011/2012 targeting users who had bitcoin nodes running over there. So that shows the extent people will go to. The current top supporters of the network are AWS, vultr and hetzner. This could be better but can not be enforced. It is recom...
  2. Investors complain about the losses they incur in some IEO,maybe they are wrong in investing in every IEO or ICO, so impact on losses, they complain because many projects both ICO and many other stock exchanges are scam edges
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